Two Nellies and a Phant!

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Be warned - this is a long and rambling post to make up for lost time!

What a busy time of year July is! Costumes to make for the school play, lots and lots of events to take my Rainbows to and life in general. So my excuses for not blogging are many but it isn't for want of trying. Blogging is always on my list of things to do but doesn't make it to the top as often as I would like!

So what have I been up to for the past couple of weeks, other than the things listed above?

It was our crop on the 10th and we had the very lovely and talented Laura Buckingham come along to teach a page. She used the beautiful and bright Delovely range and what a stunner she designed. I knew as soon as I saw the preview of the papers she had used that I would use photos of Gracia and Josh in Covent Garden with the Elephants.

The colours in the photos were perfect for the papers and the subject perfect for the page!

The title came about because when Gracia was very small she used to call elephants - nellie phants! For those of you who are not familiar with British slang a 'nellie' is a silly person so the title 'Two Nellies and a Phant' was perfect.

Also at the crop I made some cards - yes me making cards.

Now that you have picked yourself up off the floor I will tell you the reason. I work with 3 different teachers at school and wanted to give them an end of term present. After giving it some thought I decided to make wallets with 6 cards in for each of them. It was a way of using up some of my supplies and also an economic present for each of them - to tell the truth I didn't have to spend anything!

To force myself to make cards at the crop the only photos I took were the elephant ones I needed for Laura's class. After saying, several times, that I never make cards I remembered that I had made 35 in May, with Gracia, for Josh's charity sale so perhaps I do make cards after all!

My absolutely favorite card so far is a hybrid, pop up card using this kit.

I can also show this page that I made for MaryAnne on UKS as part of a year long, mini book challange they are running.

So other than making 18 cards and 3 wallets I have not done any proper scrapping for a week but I may do a bit of digi tonight whilst I watch the t.v.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Spending all day yesterday with my Rainbows and what looked like a couple of thousand other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides at Tendring showground yesterday was far more enjoyable than I had anticipated, despite the 2 hours I queued for them to have a donkey ride!

2. Friends coming over for a quick cup of tea and staying longer than anticipated and also the surprise present they brought.

3. A day spent singing very loudly along to my iPod, in my own little happy world.

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week.



Elaine said...

KAren these are lovely items. The delovely is great and very inspiring i have this range but really struggling to use it and u have just reminded me i forgot to print my nellie photos the other day when i uploaded a load to asda....i'm now thinking a mini might me on the horizon tho
Missed you yesterday. See you next month xxx