Celebrating Birthdays and Blessings.

09:02 Karen 5 Comments

Yesterday was a big day in our little house - The Main Man's birthday. I'm not going to say how old he was and he 'doesn't do birthdays' but we do. For me, his birthday is a time to show him how much he means to us and how much we appreciate all the hard work he puts in to giving us the best he can. For the past 18 years he has worked almost continually to double the size of our cottage and to install the best facilities that he possibly can. Yes he is fastidious, a perfectionist and always wants things to remain looking as though they are new, but he accepts that sometimes, as much as it distresses him, that things do get accidentally damaged and that life wears things out.

Hi is in need of a haircut in this photo - he doesn't usually have such 'tall' hair.

So what did we do for him, G&J both made him cards, hers had a cello on to celebrate his love for his cello and his diligent practicing (not always to our taste)! J painted him a card with a seahorse on, his first attempt at a seahorse at the weekend looked like a sea slug and caused much amusement but this one was beautiful and the time and effort put into making it was really appreciated. For the first time G wouldn't take any money towards her dad's present and chose and paid for 4 polo shirts, he loved them all.

I made the ultimate sacrifice - having been a vegetarian for almost 24 years (only eating a little meat during my pregnancy) I went to the local supermarket, stealed myself and ventured into the meat isle. I then had to decide which steak to buy, not having a clue about these things, I chose the mid price steak. J very kindly got it out of the packet and put it into the pan (G is also a vegetarian and has been since she was three and realised that meat was dead animals). So for supper the boys had steak, chips and vegetables and the girls had Quarn burgers, chips and vegetables. There were shop bought puds but, of course, I did make some cupcakes - vanilla sponge with Nutella filling, orange icing and topped with Maltesers because they are his favorite sweet.

Kiera, and this is a first ever, was allowed the little bits of steak that the boys left. We don't allow her 'people's' food but this was a very special occasion!

We had a really lovely evening together, our little family of 4+1 and I know he went to bed with the warm glow of knowing that he is much loved.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Having spent all day yesterday tidying my craft supplies and only managing to throw out half a carrier bag of bits, I can do some cutting and sticking today with the happy feeling of knowing I can put my hands on whatever I want, instantly, because today, maybe not tomorrow after a day of playing, I know where everything is. In fact, I have started already by cutting out butterflies whilst watching Masterchef on the i-player.

2. I am sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to be able to spend time with such amazing people as those in my family.

3. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is well in my little world.



debs14 said...

I think you got as much pleasure out of spoiling him as he did getting spoiled! And just look at those amazing cupcakes, that's worth getting a year older for! Sounds like you all had a lovely day.

Deb said...

:o) What a lovely post, Karen. I know what you mean about your main man not being crazy about birthdays - my guy is the same way. Funny that he sure seems to enjoy the fuss we make over him though!

LOVE the looks of those awesome cupcakes with the malt ball on top! Adorable.

Sian said...

Just lovely! And more of those fabulous cupcakes - that's a talent :)

Bubbles said...

Such a beautiful sentiment! Those cupcakes look amazingly mouthwatering!
As for the hair... he should definitely think himself lucky to have enough hair to have it grow so thick and 'uppy' *lol* - course, he's lucky to have a wonderful family too, and it sounds as though you all think you're pretty lucky too. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to the Main Man!
The cupcakes sound delicious, hmmmm, could have one right now! We are the same with our four-legged member of the family when it comes to people food .... it must have been a really special birthday! :-)