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There's a party going on right HERE - it's a celebration to last throughout the year (not really just Friday, Saturday and Sunday)!

Yes the lovely Shimelle is having another cybercrop weekend and if you pop on over to her blog, tomorrow, you will see what it is all about. I am sure that if the last one is anything to go by it will be cram packed full of all sorts of classes, challenges and ideas.

Well, what have I been up to since the last post? Lots of things but the most exciting is that my lounge has changed from this

to this.

YES the plasterers came in on Monday and Tuesday to plaster the back half of the lounge.

Left on David's to do list are new stairs, flooring, decorating for the new back half and then pulling out all the wattle and daub, replacing the rotten beams, digging out the floor and putting in new walls for the other half of the lounge. Then he has to make it ready to be plastered, get it plastered and match it up with the back half. After this he will only have our bedroom (not the one we sleep in at the moment as we have been sleeping in the guest room for the past 6+ years, to be honest I have forgotten how long) so maybe another 4/5 years and our house will be finished but we are now on the home run!

Also I have made a few more cards

Made these cute 'Ice Cream' cakes for our crop last Saturday

and whilst I was there started a mini album designed by the very talented Karen Cole.

I thought I was following the instructions but as I am a visual learner, I just started off by looking at the pictures on the instructions, then I started to freestyle a little and then it got to free styling a lot!

Once I compared my mini to hers I realised that I had inadvertently been free styling all along! Oh well, it's theme was Alice in Wonderland and Karen's book is called 'Painting the Roses Red'.
The book required 16 photos and as Gracia and Josh have been dating for 16 months I thought that they would be an ideal subject. Therefore my book is called 'Gracia's Adventures in Wonderland'.

Front Cover

We made the book from scratch and the internal pages are made using pages from an Alice in Wonderland book.
First Date

Go Ape

I have to type up the journaling and finish making the rest of the book - a little job for me when I go to Mel's crop on Saturday.

P is for Prom

Well I must get off to update the Eclectic Keepsakes blog now and then off to bed. Finally a photo of Shiny Shoes and Spotty Laces - check back tomorrow to see why!

Spotty laces tied tight
boots with a mirror gloss shine
makes my heart sing loud

a Haiku for Rinda

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A lovely afternoon spent in good company and eating some very good biscuits.

2. Peace is restored in our little household - major mother and daughter fireworks but now resolved.

3. A husband who acts as peacemaker and voice of reason at all times. I know I have said it before and I expect I will say it again but Boy do I love that man.



Deb said...

Sorry to tell you, my dear, but the mother/daughter fireworks keep coming up from time to time even after they move out! :o\ ♥

LOVE your haiku...I need to get busy and do mine!!!

And now I have "Celebrate Good Times" stuck in my head, thankyouverymuch!

debs14 said...

Just reading your husband's 'to do' list made me feel like having a lie down with a cup of tea and one of those delcious cupcakes! I do hope you are taking lots of 'before and after' pictures for a mini book sometime.

Amy said...

Oooh, I really like your haiku :-)

Karen I look to you for inspiration on the whole renovation/house transformation front - you are amazing! Part of the deal for this job of ours was that we hired people to do some of the work ... hubby would have wanted to have done it all himself otherwise and I think I might have gone insane if that were the case! It sounds like you don't have too much more to do - I mean, what's another 4 or 5 years ;-)

Sian said...

Cool haiku :) And, oh, that beautiful mini album. It's gorgeous.

Love the shoes. Love the haiku. Both are so fun. I really like how "mirror gloss shine" feels in my mouth.
Thanks for playing along,