A Cherry On Top!

13:56 Karen 5 Comments

What a surprise - I have been awarded this from Sheleen - she is such a talented and creative lady and I love looking at her blog to see what she has made next so to receive this award is a real treat. So a very big thank you to Sheleen xxx

There are 5 conditions to accepting the Cherry on Top:

1.) That I thank the person who gave me my award! -

2.) That the receiver places it on their blog -

3.) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves

In my head I am a 30ish tall. leggy blond - in reality I am not.
I get really grouchy if I don't do something creative every day.
Although I am very sociable I really like my own company too.

4.) Receiver posts a picture that they love

A photo from the weekend but I love that they are deep in conversation and completely oblivious to the rest of the world around them.

5.) Tag 5 people to pass the award onto, and to keep it going.

Eileen - because she is such an awesomely talented scrapper and introduced me to this hobby that totally sucks you in.

Sue - I have always admired her as a person and love all the beautiful things she creates.

Karen - because it may make her stop making excuses and start blogging her beautiful creations again.

Denise - because she doesn't realise how good a scrapper she is .

Deb - I love reading Deb's blog, she has such a funny way with her journaling and her scrap pages are beautiful too.

What else has happened today? Well Gracia left at 6:30am to go down to Devon with Josh and his family and she has only just phoned to say they have arrived - nightmare traffic she said!

Also, instead of sorting out the customer statements (my job for today) I made a digi page for this site about a conversation Gracia and I had this morning while she was waiting to be picked up. That girl is just so witty with her answers.

The journaling reads 'Today I asked you "How come you know how to do your make up when I have never shown you?" You replied "It's like birds just know to fly south in the winter, well, I just know how to do my makeup - instinct!" Pretty good instinct I say!'

I rarely wear make up, usually just pull a brush through my hair and can be up and out in 10 minutes, so where does she get it from?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Vegetarian Shepherds pie (reheated and spiced up with a bit of Daddy's sauce) for lunch was absolutely delicious as I expected it to be.

2. Even though I took Kiera out for a 2 mile walk this morning, we are going out for another this afternoon as it has stopped raining.

3. The prospect of having a couple of days with just David and I is a very good one.



Bubbles said...

I so get the 'leggy blonde' bit - only in my head I'm still about 20 years old too *lol*
Another beautiful layout - I love the way you take scraps of everyday life and make them so special forever more.
Oh, and the photo you chose with the children so deep in conversation is just lovely!

debs14 said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much. I shall add it to my blog tomorrow. Am now going to bed with a little warm glow of happiness! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Suzanne said...

Love your layout - what a great conversation to record. Thanks for joining in at Creative Scrappers too.

Sue said...

Thanks for the award darling xx Will have to think of some interesting "stuff" to write LOL.
Love that Layout- isn't it amazing the things they just know?

Sian said...

Yes, in my head I'm about 20 too! I've been really enjoying seeing the photos which have been chosen as part of this award - yours is a cracker.