Hello - her name is ...........

21:09 Karen 4 Comments

Look at that beautiful edging and those little hearts

Her name is Gracia and she is a (reluctant) card maker.

I don't care that the only reason she is making cards is because it will help Josh raise money for the Russ Foundation. I don't care that she uses my stash, blunts my punches and takes my ribbon. I don't care that it costs me money as although Josh pays for some of the supplies - I subsidize it too.

Another beautiful edge combined with a fancy mat xx

But I do care that she joins me at the dining room table for hours sharing quality time together. I do care that she is proud of her efforts. I do care that they are getting better and better every card she makes. I do care that she is quietly artistic.

Artistically punched edges with beautiful bits of sparkle!

I love that she appreciates the time I take to make cards instead of scrapping. I love that she is in my crafting world for a little time every day but most of all I love that, we are doing something together. I am so aware that at 17 there are so many other places and so many other people and so many other things she could do and she is doing something with me! For that I am supremely grateful.

More cute hearts, deep inking (I love that) and bling - what more could you ask for?

OK ending the soppy stuff and back to normal tomorrow.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1 We have had an absolutely fabulous weekend together, I secretly like Josh being away for a few days because we get our girl back for a little while.

2 An eight mile yomp should be good for building up my fitness level, even though Gracia and I thought we were only going on a short walk - we now know, as if we didn't before, not to allow David to choose our walking route!

3 A super clean and tidy kitchen and dining room - look out lounge and bathroom tomorrow!



Elaine said...

the cards are totally gorgeous - its the owl a template? How much are you selling these cards for i might need to buy some :)

Sian said...

Crafting together is so satisfying :) My daughter and I are knitting together at the minute and I love it.

Mel said...

I love the new look, it's fab - my fav colour combo! Those cards are fab. Looking forward to Moo doing crafting with me - L not interested. although Moo has already eaten a packet of stickers.....

Deb said...

The cards are beautiful, Karen, and I'm so glad you had some crafting time with your girl! I know how special those times are. xo