A Photo Frenzie!

21:36 Karen 6 Comments

Today, I have managed to complete all but 2 of Shimelle's photo challenges and made digi los for 2 of the sketch challenges. I really wanted to get some paper crafting done but too many other things have gotten in the way today :( Nevermind, I still got to walk the dog and take photos and I am going to do some more of the challenges later in the week. I may even get another tag made tonight, if I have time and don't give in and go to bed.

Crafting challenges:

The second sketch

The third sketch

Photo challenges:

Man made

I saw the sign

Night light


Study Session

Get in the picture

Craft in progress

Zoom out


Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Going out with my SIL and youngest neice for lunch tomorrow and maybe a little roller skating in the afternoon.

2. Discovering the joy of ASDA Home Delivery.

3. A day spent getting lots of things done, even if they were things I didn't really want to do.


alexa said...

What a great set of photos - love the 'study' session!

Amy said...

Excellent! You have got some great photos Karen - I love the one of the sign :-)

debs14 said...

Great photos - the one of the sign is a classic!
Isn't it great to have the long summer hols to get all this stuff done!

Bubbles said...

All of that wonderful creativeness, and you're planning rollerskating too!?!

Gemma* said...

love the self-portrait with the dog :D

Rachel said...

Great photos. I didn't manage any of the challenges from the weekend.