She's A Log Dog

11:03 Karen 6 Comments

It cannot be denied, my Kiera is a real 'log dog'. Whenever she goes for a walk the first thing she has to do is find a huge branch or small log, or more commonly wrench a piece off from a tree, to carry round with her. She has been known to carry/drag a piece of tree for several miles.

Choosing a suitable piece of tree.

On our walk yesterday, she managed to pull off a rather sizable branch from a tree

which she dragged for most of the way

and then found another smaller but fatter piece of tree

and finally (no photo of this one) a very large and very fat piece of tree. She will run along with these in her mouth and woe betides anyone who gets in her way as you will get a very forceful whack on the back of the legs as she passes! What is it with Retrievers that they always have to have something in their mouths? When she is at home she will always have one of her several teddies, or a bone, or a ball in her mouth constantly - it must just be a dog thing!

As well as going for a walk, yesterday, I managed to make the covers for my LSNED album for this year. Did you know that Echo Park make hybrid versions of their 'A Walk In The Park' and 'Life Is Good' ranges. No, nor did I until I saw them here.

What a bargain, I purchased them, re-sized them, printed them, cut them out and there we have it - beautiful pieces for my cover.

The trees are from this digi kit.

This year my album pages are going to be 6 x 4 digi pages, I have a template that I am going to use for each page and then once they are printed out I may pretty up the pages with some hybrid bits and pieces. My covers are 7 x 5 and I will either put book rings or Bind It All at the top (I will have to peel back a bit of the embellishments if I am going to do this!) I am really getting excited about the class and can't wait.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's a bank holiday weekend - 3 days with the main man xxx

2. My babe has turned into a surfer chick and has been body boarding and even managed to get up onto her knees on a proper surf board. I am so pleased she is enjoying herself.

3. My quota of invoices for today have already been typed so after doing a quick Sainsburys shop the day is mine to do as I please.



Bubbles said...

Look at her with those logs - she looks so pleased with herself! :)

Beautiful pages - love those colours together - beautiful style.

LOVE your cover! Those EP papers are so bright and cheerful. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pages. :)

Melissa said...

Great album cover - love all the happy colors!

Very nice indeed Karen! Bring it next Sat to Eclectic and I'll bring mine 0 we can do show and tell.

Deb said...

I just love the looks of your book for your upcoming class, Karen! The design and the colors are awesome.

And I liked seeing the shots of your sweet dog. We had an Austrailian sheppard/Queensland healer mix that LOVED sticks/branches too. She was an awesome dog and we really miss her. xo

debs14 said...

It's not just dogs, Karen. My son used to love to collect sticks wherever we went. And we live near Hatfield Forest so you can imagine the fun there! We used to have quite a collection of rescued sticks by the front door. Pleased to hear your girlie is enjoying herself in the surf!