Shiny Shoes & Spotty Laces

09:51 Karen 3 Comments

Well this is what I did with my photo from yesterday.

As soon as I saw Shimelle's spotty alpha I knew exactly what I would scrap with it - poor Gracia had to come out into the garden, in her pjs, to take the photo and didn't she make a good job of it?

I love my shiny dms and to me they are more than just an item of footwear. I love that David thinks that I am 'funky' enough to wear something like this and that they were a Christmas present many years ago when we really didn't have the money for something so frivolous. I love that Gracia thinks I am young enough to carry off the spotty laces that she bought, as an unexpected present, with her own money, a couple of years ago from Office. But most of all I love that when I am feeling down or boring all I have to do is pull on my magic boots and I am my quirky fun loving self again!

To make the title I used Photoshop elements to arrange the letters, printed it out and then carefully cut around the edge - easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Also I used the alpha to make this little card for Gracia to send to a friend.

I have made several of these hybrid, pop up cards lately and people have asked me how I get them to 'pop' - another really easy trick learnt from Jessica Sprague.

A quick 'How To'
1 make your text backing paper - you can do this on Word or in Photoshop.

2. Use the spotty alpha to make the greeting for the front of the card and the pop up word for the inside.

3. Take an ordinary card and cut 2 slits, approximately 1/2 inch deep and about 2 1/2 inches apart.

4. In the inside of the card score between the two slits.

5. Push the center piece back on itself so that it makes a piece that pops out into the card.

6. Fold the top inch of your backing paper over and stick the backing paper to the front of the card, folding the top piece over onto the back to cover the hole left by the pop up piece.

7. Cut out your greeting for the front of your card and attach, using foam pads.

8. Cut out the word that pops up, but make sure that it has a straight edge on the bottom.

9. Use foam pads to attach the word to the pop up section, make sure that you leave a small gap between the bottom of the word and the card so that the word has free movement to pop.

There you are - a pop up card made in no time at all.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Lots of Shimelle lovlieness to complete today.

2. Everyone is out so I can indulge in some guilt free playing.

3. Looking forward to loads of new photos, as a result of this weekend, for future scrapping projects.



Deb said...

Did you know that Shimelle has a link to your post on her blog? I was reading along and thought, "Hey! I know her!!!" SOOOO cool for you, Karen! Your projects are lovely and you deserve the recognition. :o)

Denise said...

Wow,gorgeous layout and great to see Shimelle has a link to you too.
I love this spotty layout and all the embellishments and the way you have turned the 'O' on it's side,and thanks for the quick 'how to do' too.x

Sian said...

Great boots! When someone buys you something you both know you can't afford, well that really is love :)