"We're not going to a fancy dress party"

18:07 Karen 5 Comments

Those were the words muttered by the main man as I came out of the house to go for a walk.

He obviously didn't appreciate my funky combo of denim skirt, black leggings and my girl's Smartie patterned, short wellies (she has taken my very expensive full length wellies on holiday with her).

I thought I had dressed quite sensibly, under the circumstances - we have had heavy rain quit a bit this week and as we were going to a National Trust park for a walk I thought :-

1. wear a skirt then you don't have to tuck your trousers into your wellies and look an idiot.

2. wear leggings under said skirt so that a) your legs are warm and b) they will tuck into your socks and be covered by the smaller length of my girls wellies.

3. wear the only available pair of wellies as I discovered last week that my walking boots leak.

So yes, maybe it was not the choice of clothing for a normal woman of my age but heaven forbid that I would ever look or dress like a normal woman of my age!!!

While we were out walking we saw a couple of really huge fungi and were surprised as we thought it was quite early in the year for these to be out but obviously not.

Also we found this really cute heart shaped hole in a tree.

But yesterday, my fears were confirmed - my girl not just a geek but a super geek extraordinaire! When she phoned to give us a run down of her day I asked if she had been surfing. No she replied, I just sat on the beach reading. What novel are you reading I asked? Now wait for this - her reply was "I wasn't reading a novel I have brought my Chemistry and Biology books to read." "Do you have a test when you go back?" I asked. "No" she said "I just like reading them!" I feel sorry for her boy, he has to study whether he likes it or not.

We once took her out for a meal and when I looked down she was reading a Biology book while waiting for her meal. I know most mothers complain that their children don't study enough but really - taking Chemistry and Biology books on holiday as a little light reading - no wonder her bag was so heavy!

I have almost finished my 'Alice in Wonderland' mini album - I thought I would just do a little last night and before I knew what had happened it was 2am and I don't do late nights usually. So hopefully, I will have it finished tomorrow and will do a little blog show and tell.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I don't care if I look like I am wearing fancy dress - it makes me happy!

2. A lovely companionable walk with my main man and then a cup of tea in the tea room is a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

3. My girl is comfortable enough in her own skin to do what makes her happy rather than what is expected of her (I wonder who she gets that from?)



Sue Jones said...

Lol Don't you DARE change :D xx

debs14 said...

The sight of those Smartie wellies made me think of a card I saw recently, it said "Growing older in inevitable. Growing up is optional" I think they looked fab and totally agree with your decisions behind the clothing choice. Female logic eh?!

Sian said...

It looks like an excellent outfit to me - we were out picking blackberries yesterday and it would have suited perfectly :)

Denise said...

That comment is so familiar, I always get that from himself- or when I've been to the hairdressers and spent a small fortune on my roots etc - he always looks up and says - Were they shut ?lol,and good on your daughter for being who she wants to be xxx

Amy said...

I love the gumboots! I think you had a very practical outfit for your walk.
By the way - your cover for LSNED is just gorgeous, I loved your pages last year and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do this year.