What friends are for!

19:24 Karen 5 Comments

Having spent a lot of time with my best bud Eileen over the past couple of days I can say that we do encourage each other to do silly things! We planned on going to see Inception at the 2.00pm showing yesterday. After queuing for 45 minutes - mostly in the rain (I was wet through to my undies) when we finally got to the kiosk to pay for our tickets it had sold out and the next showing was at 5.30pm .

We decided to come back for that and it was well worth the wait. It was Eileen's call to go to see Inception, I had suggested the new Twilight film but I am glad I acquiesced (a word learnt from Pirates of the Caribbean 1) and loved the film. Eileen had bought some M&M peanut sweets so what else could we do but to stash away all the blue ones so that we could do this!

After a morning of typing invoices and other boring stuff I spent the afternoon being cheered up by Eileen and making some more cards for Gracia (here is one, I will photograph the others tomorrow).

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. David has suggested a family film night tonight .

2. Good friends who pull you kicking and screaming out of the doldrums.

3. The prospect of doing some baking tomorrow.



alexa said...

Not seen Inception yet, but will be tempted to take some M and Ms! Like the effect of that layering on that card ...

Sue said...

Glad you finally got to see your film! We went yesterday to see Eclipse (which i loved).
Pretty card - and pretty tongue! ;) xx

Amy said...

You poor thing ... wet to the undies! Thank goodness the film was good after all of that wetness ;-)

Sian said...

Blue M&M's are banned in this house..they have a very strange effect on some of us!

I haven't seen Inception yet but if it's worth that kind of wait it's obviously a must-see

Bubbles said...

Yay! for the blue M&M's *lol*.
The card is just stunningly beautiful!