Afternoons Off

17:23 Karen 6 Comments

I don't work on Friday afternoons, well I don't work at school. I claim that I do housework on Friday afternoons but sometimes I go to bed for a couple of hours if I have burnt the candle at both ends, if I am going to a crop the following day I try to get photos sorted and page kits packed. Maybe, like last week, I will go to a friends for lunch but today I decided to go for a long walk with Kiera.

I have to say that after this afternoon I doubt that I would ever willingly give up my afternoon off. We were out walking for over an hour and the sunshine was glorious, the sky blue and dappled with clouds,

the hay was baled in the fields,

the farmer was ploughing the fields

and the scenery was spectacular.

My LSNED page shows my beautiful purple bruise from yesterday. I was sitting at the back of the hall during singing practice and got up quickly to leave, resulting in my tripping over the bench in front and falling in front of the whole of KS2. The 30 handwriting books that I was writing up ready for a lesson next week, shot out of my hands and hit a little boy, nearly decapitating the poor little fellow! I had to stifle a giggle at that.

When I looked at my leg a few minutes later this beauty of a bruise was beginning to develop.

Have you ever made Fimo embellishments for your pages and cards? No, neither have I but after seeing
these I may well give it a go next weekend when I have a little more time. I just love the flowers, I could see them as earrings or badges too.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's the weekend.

2. Long walks in the sunshine.

3. Sending photos to and being able to pick them up an hour later.


Tammy said...

Oh, OUCH, Karen. Hope the bruise isn't too painful and heals up quickly. Pretty photos, too!

Sally said...

ouch indeed!! poor you, hope the little ones were kind to you!

i too love the ease of Tesco photo!!! and i can walk there to collect! FABULOUS!! hoping you are enjoing the rest of your Friday ( also my day off and not one i would want to change!!)
Happy Scrapping x

Bubbles said...

That's an ouch from here too... it looks so painful and I do hope it's not too bothersome for you. Gorgeous photographs - you really have a good eye.

EEEEYouch! That's quite a bruise you have there, lady!

So glad you had a lovely Friday afternoon walk with your sweet pet. I only work till noon on Friday's myself and I LOVE that!!!

I've worked with polymer clay before and it's so much fun. You'll be hooked. Can't wait to see the butterfly you'll make...{wink}

Sian said...

Ooh, that looks really painful. We were out walking yesterday afternoon too. It was just lovely.

Anonymous said...

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