As promised .........

19:54 Karen 2 Comments

I have finally downloaded the photos from my girl's laptop onto mine and as promise, here is my little surfer chick.

Doesn't she look the business with her surf board and I just love her healthy tan and hair in plaits. When she was little I always plaitted her hair for school, to avoid an insurgence of little visitors - not always entirely successful but she looked cute with her plaits that reached her bottom!

My lsned page for yesterday related to my deciding to drive to the main man's work with his lunch, that he had forgotten.

As I wasn't starting work until 10 - it was a non pupil day - so decided to do a good deed. The bonus was that I got to drive through beautiful countryside, in blazing sunshine listening to my favorite radio program for half an hour. What a delightful way to start any day and especially the fist day back at work for 6 weeks!

Today's little crafty treat is a ribbon flower

from this site. Aren't they just so pretty, I can see them appearing on a scrap page near here very soon!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The first day back at school with the children has been fantastic, I am so lucky working with the teacher and children I am working with this year.

2. It's our crop tomorrow and I am really looking forward to meeting up with the regular girls and some new ones who are coming along.

3. Time spent wasting time with my girl is time well spent.



debs14 said...

That picture is destined to be the centre point of a wonderful layout sometime soon!
Sorry I will be absent from the crop tomorrow :-( Hope all goes well. What flavour cupcake am I missing?

Sian said...

She looks beautiful!

I saw your lovely green LSNED page on the forum and I thought to myself how infectious your sunny outlook is. What a brilliant way to look at an extra journey.