A Day For Surprises

17:09 Karen 4 Comments

It has been a very long day so far and it is way from being over. It all started at 6:20 when it was pointed out to me, by my man, that I was 20 minutes late getting up. Then I had to contend with my girl finishing off her boy's birthday cake. This involved me whipping cream to put in the middle, making chocolate frosting and generally helping. We then had his presents to wrap and I had to get her off to his house, all before 8:15!

You have to admit her chocolate cake with pink meringue pigs is rather cute.

The cake should really have been finished yesterday, but they went out clubbing! Not on a college night I hear you all shout as you throw your hands up in horror. Because they never go out to clubs and because I am always moaning that she studies too hard I relented and said ok just this once. So, it was gone midnight when her dad picked her up and therefore far too late for cake finishing.

For my LSNED page on the 21st I took a photo of my lovely bath just before I climbed in!

And for the 22nd a beautiful cobweb covered in dew that was on the school gate as I went in.

I have spent today, with 2 classes of Y5/6 children at Layer Marney Tower for a Tudor day. I was really skeptical about going but was very pleasantly surprised. The building is spectacular, the tour was so informative and the people talking to the children about Tudor clothing and artifacts were so knowledgeable and pitched their talks perfectly for the children.

Today I bring you these! - Gorgeous or what?

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Dinner is in the oven, blog is written, crafting is waiting!

2. Layer Marney Tower was a revelation.

3. Even just a very quick cuppa with your best friend is better than no cuppa at all.



Karen! I'm SO jealous of your gorgeous bathtub!!! It's so vintage and elegant...I love it!

Love the fabric flowers too (though you probably knew I would!) xo

Bubbles said...

I'm with Deb... I am green here looking at your gorgeous bath! Wonder how much it weighs, and if me and Deb could alibi each other if it ever went missing...?

Sian said...

Beautiful fabric flowers! I love the idea of your daughter baking and delivering a birthday cake :)

Mel said...

I want your bathroom! It's stunning. I'm totally loving your LSNED LO's.