The dirty washing is taking over the house!

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On Sunday, the pile of washing was getting ready to take over the house BUT I am sticking to my guns and refusing to tackle it. Why, you may ask - well it all started a couple of weeks ago when my girl wanted an item of clothing that hadn't been washed. She considered that it had been in the washing basket too long and should have been washed already. The discussion became heated when I said that she was fully capable of using the washing machine. Silly girl replied "I have been out all week, when could I have done any washing?" As any parent would do I pointed out that perhaps she should stay in and do her washing. Her reply was to tell me to shut up. That was the moment when she waved goodbye to any possibility of me ever doing any washing for her again - so I put up with the huge washing pile. Unfortunately, her dad hates it and has now taken to doing her washing - the pile had gone and clean washing was on the line when I got home from work today! I only hope she appreciates what a good dad he is. When she saw the washing on the line she did point out that she had at least one good parent :) I am assured that this was in jest.

He has taken the week off work to decorate the new half of the lounge. Although it is a small room it will take all week because of the thorough preparation he has to do. Yes he is a perfectionist - I joke that's the reason he married me but he will say that I am the exception to the rule!

Crochet flower gorgeousness from here

loads of free crochet flower patterns from here.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A long hot bath.

2. Wandering around town window shopping this afternoon.

3. Giggly girls



Oh, my friend and fellow mom of an only-child female offspring: I've been there with the laundry and I did actually LOL when I read your first paragraph. I could have written the same thing, word for word, several years ago when my Carrie-laundry-days ended. "Ugh! What do you mean my top isn't clean? I NEED IT FOR TONIGHT!!!" Let me tell you, making her do her own laundry was one of the toughest mean mommy things I ever had to do, but in the long run it was well worth the hold out. Good luck, and stay strong, Karen! She'll eventually have to learn not to wash whites and darks together anyway...might as well do it while she's still under your roof. :o)

debs14 said...

I think all us mums of grown up girls will have read this post, nodded our head, smiled knowingly and thought 'I can totally relate to this'. My daughter spent 3 years at uni washing her own clothes, yet now she is back home it seems to be my job again. But she has learnt her lesson in commenting on washing turn around! Every now and again I will come home and hear the hum of the machine when something has become 'urgent'.

Sian said...

Mmm, teenagers eh? I admire your stand, I think I would have done the same thing myself lol

Thank you for your lovely comment on my new look yesterday

Anonymous said...

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alexa said...

Love those pages - great design ... And yep, how annoying to have Dad sabotage things! Still, leave him to do G's laundry for a few months and cope when her things aren't ready, and he'll be changing his tune!

Denise said...

Well,as a mum of three boys - they can have exactly the same 'urgent' requests too.On one occasion not too long ago there was a big piece of notepaper sellotaped to a shirt hanging over the side of the laundry basket with' please wash me by tomorrow at6'! bless them :-)I love your pages x