It's better when we're together

21:00 Karen 4 Comments

A very quick post because I am sooo tired and struggling to stay awake.

It was our crop today and what a fantastic day we had. I spent so much time laughing and chatting that it was 11.30 (we start at 10) before I even got any paper out of my bag. By lunchtime I had cut two pieces of paper and 3 photos - and that is as far as I got all day. But I did managed to make the two los designed by Ann and I will show them tomorrow - awesome class I must say!

My lesson from yesterday was that it is much more fun to do things with my girl than to do things on my own.

Although I was really looking forward to the afternoon I had planned with her it didn't turn out as I had envisiged and we didn't do the things I though we would but we did other things - had lunch together whilst watching one of our favourite program on i-player, making bunting for her card sale, chatting while I made cakes and she made cards. So not the afternoon I was looking forward to but still good time spent together.

My crafting offering for today is this beautiful crumpled flower and the instructions are here

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The kids have made £175 from their card sales so far.
3. The crop today was awesome both in respect of the class, the teacher and the company.
3. I am so lucky with my very good friends, they are so giving and supportive and I really appreciate them.



Sian said...

£175? That's fantastic! Definitely a reason to be cheerful.

Denise said...

That's a brilliant amount - £175,well done them,and I totally agree about what a lovely day we all had yesterday x

Bubbles said...

Scrummy looking cakes - and gorgeous flowers too!

Anonymous said...

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