It's getting better, Growing stronger, Better day by day.

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If you can remember that song by the Mammas & the Pappas, then you are older than you would care to admit - I certainly am. What you may ask is getting better. Well it is a bit of a long story but I have been going to the same church for the past 17 years and something happened in January which made me question my faith. I have been struggling for the past few months but for some reason, I really don't know why, whilst I was at church this evening something clicked and I feel that I am 'getting it' once more. I am not an 'in your face' Christian but wanted, for my own peace of mind, to document my journey back to where I really like to be.

My LSNED page for yesterday featured the beautiful and squidgy Nathan.

When we decided to have a baby, it took a couple of years and a couple of miscarriages before we got our beautiful girl and I soooooo wanted a girl. I would not entertain the thought that I might have a boy - to the extent that we didn't even have a boy's name and were arguing about it going down to theater. I had an elective c-section and before she was born the doctor asked me what I wanted, I said a girl and when she was born he said for a joke 'It's a boy'. Now the extent of my longing for a girl came to the fore as my first thought was not - is he healthy, but oh no I will have to go through this again! I was so relieved when I realised my baby was a beautiful girl.

So I have always loved little girls but after meeting Nathan concede that maybe boys are just as cute.

Look at these gorgeous butterflies. They are made of tin but I am sure you could get a similar effect with mirror card. I am going to try with my Rainbow pack and see what they can make.

Not my usual up beat post - normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am glad I made the effort to go to church, when it would have been so easy to stay at home.

2. A day doing paperwork means that I can spend the evenings working on paper projects that I must get a start on.

3. Sunny days and warm evenings.



Sian said...

A bit of reflection and a change of pace can be a good blogging thing :)

Mel said...

Thanks for showcasing Nate on your blog. Loving those butterlies...

Unknown said...

Popping over from the LSNED forum--thanks for sharing your thoughts about the faith stuff. My DH and I are both pastors (he's a chaplain and I'm a SAHM now) and we were just talking last week about the difficulty of being "in the habit" of being Christians. It's something I've been struggling with and feeling convicted about lately too. Here's hoping that for all of us these phases are routes to deeper and more mature faith! :)

humel said...

I've come via the class forum too :-) Thank you for being brave enough to share your faith story - it's encouraging to hear. Great that you're feeling God's presence again. It isn't always easy and it can be tempting to cover up our struggles and pretend that everything's OK (being a 'surface Christian') so hearing someone be honest about their journey is a real encouragement xx