Just how long does a digi page take?

20:48 Karen 4 Comments

I can't believe how tired I am after only 1 full day at work - must be out of the habit or perhaps my body is telling me that I shouldn't work any more - must try that one on the main man!

My lsned for yesterday was a bit of a reality check. After saying that if I made my pages digitally they should only take 10 minutes in reality it took about 1 hour because I decided to measure the exact size of photo, make a note of all the font sizes and leading and then try so many different papers to go with my photo that I lost count.

So the lesson learnt is that perceived time is nowhere near the same as real time. This always happens, I say to myself "I will only take a minute to do it" and then I get caught up with other things associated with the task and end up taking ages.

The final installment of my 'Alice' book

and a beautiful fabric flower - I love this site these ladies are so talented and make so many beautiful things.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It is not quite 9pm and I am genuinely hoping to be in bed by 10.00.

2. I intend to get to the end of my Google Reader by the time I go to bed.

3. I-Player means that I can listen to Chris Evens' radio program at any time I like, as I usually miss it in the morning. I am listening to it as I type :)



Denise said...

I won't tell you how long it took me to place that photo of me in the LSNED template !! Your Alice book is looking fab :-)

Sian said...

You have ended up with a fab 5th Sept page though. I love that screenshot.

Amy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have spent 2 hours tonight on one digi page - unheard of for me.

Bubbles said...

Your Alice book is ...