A Life Lesson Learnt

16:54 Karen 2 Comments

One of my greatest failings is that I hate asking for help. I always say I can manage, or I will do it and then when things get too much for me I get resentful. Today I learnt a very valuable lesson (not sure yet how I am going to depict it photographically) asking for help as soon as a problem arises means that the problem will be resolved quickly and not drag on and on blowing out of all proportion. I thought about a problem I had encountered yesterday, went into work determined to talk to the best person who could resolve it - she came up with a solution very quickly and once the solution was implemented the problem was solved. I am just as pleased with myself for admitting that asking for help is not a sign of weakness as I am with her for solving my problem so quickly.

As I said yesterday, Eileen and I went for a long walk in the torrential rain. My LSNED page relates to this and features a photo of my pile of soaking wet clothes waiting to go into the washing machine!

Finally, can you believe how gorgeous this butterfly is?

How cute will it look on a page or on a card! I now have so many things I want to make to put on pages I will certainly have to give up work to find time to do them ;o}

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Asking an expert rather than thinking I know all the answers is a sensible road to take.

2. Receiving a pizza box of surprise goodies to play with!

3. The outstandingly lovely class I had the privilege to teach this afternoon.



Sian said...

Yet another good lesson - i'm finding that visiting LSNEDers blogs is giving me plenty of new lessons to think about :)

The butterflies are beautiful. I love her blog.

Denise said...

I agree with Sian, another good lesson.I love the butterflies and all the lovely other creative places you lead us to :-)