The Mouse Will Play!

22:31 Karen 3 Comments

There is an old saying 'While the cat's away, the mouse will play', and I have spent the whole weekend playing. I have mostly played with paper and glue but have done a little digi for my LSNED.

So my boy has been away for a 'boy's weekend' to the Goodwood Revival and I have missed him but made the best of it.

My girl has been out most of the weekend too so this must be what it will be like when she goes traveling next year.

I was just giggling to myself about the mouse playing because mouse used to be his pet name for me when we first were an item. He said I was small and cute like a mouse - I dread to think what he would call me now, his little hippo maybe!

My LSNED page from Friday

and one from yesterday

and look at these cushions.

There is a video on this website showing how to make the felt flowers and the organza flowers - this involves fire so may appeal to the men in your life!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My man is due home in about 2 hours xxx.

2. My girl is home and safely tucked up in bed.

3. I have a cup of hot chocolate, my bed and a good book waiting for me to finish this blog post

Have a absolutely wonderful week.



Sian said...

Fire? Mmm..could be interesting. I'm planning on trying the little origami butterflies this week.

Sue Jones said...

Just catching up - Hows that bruise? Must be all colours of the rainbow by now!!
Thanks for my award - i will pop it up next time i blog.
Take Care xx

Bubbles said...

I daren't let my youngest daughter or Hubby see this post - allowing them to play with fire...?!? I'd be inviting disaster in *lol*
Beautiful photographs again - the forest-y one for 17th is so pretty and has a feeling of such peacefulness. Lovely.