Sorry .........................

18:43 Karen 4 Comments

I have failed to download the promised photo of my surfer chick will try harder tomorrow. Maybe my lesson for today will be don't make promises you are not sure you can keep. No I have a much nicer lesson for today which I will make into my quick 10 minute page later.

I do have my lsned page for yesterday though

Also I will try to get it together to photograph the remainder of my finished 'Alice' book.

So what crafting loveliness do I have for you today - these beautiful paper roses made by Wendy - here are the instructions on her blog Dozidesigns.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. An afternoon spent laughing, crafting and chilling with my best bud.

2. Being reminded how much I like the people I work with.

3. A beautiful sunny morning and a stunningly sunny evening.



Jo said...

Lovely page! I love the bold red!

Amy said...

I love your page ... but you already know that!

That's one of the loveliest rosettes I've seen - a simple beauty :-)

alexa said...

Wonderfully vibrant page and love that rose too!

Liberty :) said...

lovely page karen!! :)