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Yesterday was a tough day but no more than I had anticipated and for some reason I was really tired when I got home and this was reflected in my LSNED page.

Sometimes I really love the diversity of my job. It can go from one extreme to another and that suits me. I hate one day being the same as the next and I love a challenge - so my job suits me perfectly. I feel privilaged to be working with children, honored to be able to help augment their education and so lucky to be part of their school lives. I have to remind myself of these things sometimes and when I do I remember why I do the job I do.

The way the school week has panned out this year I only get a full hours lunch on a Tuesday. I am trying to have a healthy September and had planned to go walking at lunchtime. When I regularly had an hour most days I sometimes walked round a 2 mile circuit and loved it. I really wanted to walk at lunchtime, had taken my trainers in and was determined. BUT circumstances prevailed and my hour's lunch shrunk and I really didn't feel like walking when the time came. I decided to phone my best bud and see if she was up for a walk. Yes she was and we set out in torrential rain, it rained for quite a bit of our walk and cars thundered through puddles and drenched us from head to toe but we had a fab time. We chatted all the way and probably walked much further than I would have at lunchtime. Although by the time we got back we were soaked through to our undies it was worth it and we are planning our next walk. So my lesson learnt today was that if you want to do something enough you will find a way to do it.

Ok today's crafting lovliness are these fold and twist flowers - when I found them I said out loud "Ohhhh I love those". Not sure if it was the polka dots or just the flowers but thay are absolutely delicious and I am definately going to be making some.

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Walking with a friend is much better than walking alone.

2. Getting soaked through to your undies is a good excuse to have a shower and get your jammies on at 6pm.

3. Eating the remaining lemon cupcake is ok and perfectly justified after a long day.



debs14 said...

A whole hour's lunch break - you are spoiled! Only 30 mins for me :-( hardly time to walk to the end of the school drive and back, no wonder I'm unfit.
I think it's the first and last cupcake of the batch that taste the best. Although, I am quite partial to the ones in between as well .....

Sian said...

That's a good lesson - one I should keep repeating to myself as a serial procrastinator!!

Love the polks dots.

Yep - I said the same thing when I saw those flowers - love them...gotta' make some myself...