A Brief History of My Life In Numbers.

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Yesterday (yes, even thought it is half term and I am at home I still fallen a day behind by day 2, my aim is to use the weekends to catch up if I need to) the True Stories prompt was to use letters or numbers. So, inspired by Laura's wedding day page, I decided to write my life - or that part I am prepared to share, in numbers.

First there was one
I am my mum's 1st child and my dad's 3rd. I have a 1:1 degree in Ceramic Design and Technology. Live 180 miles from where I was brought up (I know that's nothing to how far some of you live from your hometown), this is 11th place I have called home.

Then two
I met David when I was 28 and was in a relationship with someone else, and had been for 5 years, which I hadn't realised were unhappy until I met David. Within 6 weeks I had left the other man because I knew David was the one - I would have left 5 weeks 6 days earlier but David thought we had to be sure! You see he is the sensible one and I am the impulsive one.) We were married within 2 years of our 1st meeting.

A while later there were three
We lived in our first house for 7 years and I fell pregnant with Gracia 1 month after moving to our present house. Gracia was our third attempt at having a baby as I suffered 2 miscarriages (I look on these as blessings as I would not have had Gracia - I knew I would only have 1 child). David and Gracia are the two most important things in my life. We have lived in our house for 18 years and David has spent all 18 working on it and he still estimates that he has about another 5 to go. I have been in the job I have now for 10 years, the longest I have ever stayed in one place. Gracia is an amazingly hard working student gaining 3 Level 5's in her SATs, 5 A*s and 6A's in her GCSE's and is on track to get an 1A* and 3A's for her A Levels.

Now we are four
18 months ago we welcomed Josh into our lives. Gracia sees him as her life partner and I hope she is right. He has fitted into our little family of 3 + 1 (Kiera is our third Golden Retriever) like a missing jigsaw piece. The two of them are so happy together and make a great effort to do the best they can both academically, personally and in their friendship/relationship with each other and with other people.

So in the year 2010 I have more blessings than I can count, 27 years ago I never dreamed that the life I have now was the one for me. I can only thank David for the changes he has made and the treasures he has given me and I wish I remembered to tell him a million times a day but just remembering to tell him how much I love him once a day seems to be fine by him.

So there you have it - a potted history of my life in numbers.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Writing this post has made me realise how fortunate I am.

2. Home made butternut squash soup for tea.

3. While I was waiting for Blogger to upload my photos to this post I took Kiera out for the most glorious walk in the evening Autumn sunshine, better than the afternoon pelting rain that was yesterday's walk.



scrappyjacky said...

What a great post...love how you have transformed your 'potted' life history into numbers.

debs14 said...

Awwww... what a lovely story! It's been great to learn a little bit more about you.

Denise said...

This is lovely, you've done it in such an interesting way - I really enjoyed reading all about you -oh and those chrysanthemum cakes are awesome xxx

alexa said...

A wonderfully touching piece of journalling and love the way you incorporated the numbers like this. Thank-you for sharing so much about yourself.

Sandie said...

Karen, I love the way you took this idea and made it your own.
Also loved getting to know a bit more about you. It was a lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, and those cakes were just amazing! You are so talented!

Sarah said...

This is an amazing piece of writing. Sounds like you're all in a really happy place x

Sue Jones said...

You do realize that i had to sign up to the class after reading your post! LOL

Kelly Light said...

Karen I love your post so much and even had a little tear in my eye, so beautifully written! Thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

fabulous story!

Love your numbers post, and the photos of you and your gang are fabulous! You are adorable, Karen ~ I see where Gracia gets it! xo