Delighting in the Dark Side!

16:20 Karen 9 Comments

No this is not a Halloween post - I personally don't do Halloween but do admire the lovely projects and pages that the people who do make.

The dark side I am talking about is of course a bit of digi scrapping. In fact, the only scrapping I have found time to do this weekend, apart from making a template to use with this package of gorgeousness which arrived from ATDML yesterday.

Just look at that beautiful Parisian Anthology paper and the gorgeous Webster's Pages stickers and paper - love, love, love it all xxx

I have a class to do for them and it has the potential to be a whopper! Well, as big or as small as the people doing the class want it to be really.

Sorry, back to my digi pages...........

I decided to document the little holiday that we took in August - it seems so long ago :(. This was all brought about by my finding a screwed up map from Carsington Water on my desk. Yes, I'm afraid that it has been there since August and that shows what a state my desk was in. Since having the laptop I rarely use my desk and so it has become a general dumping place for all sorts of things. I decided that I would make a concerted effort to clean and tidy the house this week and so blitzed the upstairs (except for Gracia's room as I cannot face tidying her floordrobe and all the other mess) and totally tidied and dusted the downstairs yesterday - hence the map find!

But I digress, so after finding the map I wondered if I could make it into a digi background so scanned it and reduced the saturation and it was perfect. Also on Friday, between housework duties and as a little treat to myself for actually doing any housework, I watched the Photoshop Friday videos, I had brought from Jessica Sprague (if you want to get into digi scrapping I would thoroughly recommend these) and learnt some new and really cool techniques which I was desperate to try out. So I can now round corners of layers - my map so needed round corners and I can fill text with patterned paper - another thing I really like being able to do.

Sorry, off on a tangent once again (can you imagine how difficult it is living or working with me as I have such a butterfly mind). Well I then decided to make a page about out day at Carsington Water and that was how my first lo of the weekend started.

Now, once I had made the first page I thought I should make pages for the other two days and incorporate maps into those for continuity.

So I have made 4 digi pages of our little sojourn and am digi scrapped out!

I have used templates from here and here and have used this kit throughout.

Tomorrow I am going to start playing with the ATDML goodies and hopefully, by the end of the week will have some sneaks of my project to show you.

Have a lovely week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Beautiful afternoons, gathering leaves for leaf printing with my Rainbows tomorrow.

2. A clean, if no longer tidy house.

3. Learning new digi techniques.



Sue Jones said...

Very Impressive - i cant digi - i always just print it out !

alexa said...

These are lovely - beautiful places, as well as the LOs. Hope you continue to enjoy and experiment with digi. I didn't know it was on 'the dark side' ... Oops!

I loved the first one and I am so pleased you made some more in the "collection" proud to be on a CT with you x

ps - Make My Day is me...Kate at Liberty Cottage xx

Fabulous layouts, Karen. I love the colors, and I especially love the way you used maps as your backgrounds. Well done!!! xo

debs14 said...

I love Websters papers, you are going to have fun with that kit!
What a great idea to use the map for the basis of your digi pages. I've never done digi, I'm only just getting to grips with paper!

Amy said...

Karen, they are really fabulous pages and I love how you scanned the map and added it - I must try that one day!

Sian said...

I can't digi either - but I'm very happy to admire the skills of those who can :)

I can't wait to see what you do with the beautiful Websters Pages

Denise said...

Gorgeous pages karen I love the way you've used the maps too and you always seem to get the colours spot on. I can't wait to see what you do with those lovely papers too - they are both some of my faves x