A long time in the coming!

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I have been trying to find time to blog all week and really cannot believe it has taken me a whole week to find the little time it takes. My excuse is that I have been really busy with work stuff for that man of mine and had a class to prepare for our monthly crop. Also this month the lovely Karen C was away so unable to share in the preparation on the run up to the crop. Busy, busy, busy has been my mantra over the last week. The lovely Mrs W popped in on Thursday to restore my sanity over a cup of tea and a home made cookie. I think we both appreciated the time to chill out for an hour or so.

"What have you been up to then?" I hear you ask. Well, yesterday at our crop all the ladies had one of these.

Note the little book paper flower - could also be used on the project of so desired!

Each bag contained this.

and by the end of the afternoon they all had the components to make their own version of this.

I particularly loved the way Jane saw how I had made the flowers and then took them up to the next level!

So after stressing all week that because it was a project and not a page, and would the ladies like it, I came home stress free with a little warm glow of satisfaction in my heart. The project was really about different ways of making paper flowers and the acetate photo frame was a by product but I loved the result anyway. Look at that photo - we both look so young, it is nearly 25 years ago but he is just as handsome, and laughs just as much - we are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Now on to my LSNED pages. I only managed to make the last 3 yesterday so am quite excited about being able to upload all 30 to an on like photo processors and get them back in time to make my book next week.

Although, I have been very busy I still made sure that I took at least one photo each day and the photo then acted as a prompt for my journaling.

Sept 26th - was all about going to church, singing a hymn and realising how beautiful God's creation is.

Sept 27th - in praise of my Fatman iTube and the fabulous music that Gracia and I sang along to while we worked on David's office work together. She has to help me to get her pocket money. It doesn't always work because I am too soft and sometimes she doesn't help but still gets the money - but that's a mum for you.

Sept 28th - exhorts the virtue of snatching that extra 10 minutes in bed, even though it means that you have to put your makeup on in the toilets at work as soon as you get there, so as not to scare the children with your bear face!

Sept 29th - in praise of lovely, lovely cheese and potato pie. This was always one of our staple meals but for some reason had been forgotten. When I asked David what he wanted for supper he said cheese and potato pie and I got quite excited at the prospect of cooking and eating it. As it was a cold day it was the perfect autumn meal.

Sept 30th - look at my lovely blue lounge. David works so hard for us, all his spare time is spent renovating the house. He has single handedly turned this

into this in just a few months. I feel that we do take his hard work for granted, we have never known him to be any different but it really hit home how much effort he puts in for us when I saw the beautiful blue lounge he has made us.

So if you have managed to plough your way to the end of this very long post, I hope you have a fabulous week.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I am just about to run a lovely hot, bubbly bath.

2. It's not raining so we may be able to take Kiera down to the woods this afternoon.

3. It's Sunday!



debs14 said...

It was a FABULOUS crop day Karen, I absolutely love the project we made and it was great to learn so many different ways to make flowers. I am determined to master that acetate one without resorting to bad language and getting teacher to help me out ;-)

Such a fabulous project with all those yummy flowers and butterflies, Karen!

And I'd love to have your recipe for the cheese and potato pie!!! xo

Candace said...

the project look fabulous, well done you!

Sian said...

I'd love the recipe too. It sounds like an Autumn treat.

Your crop sounds fabulous - I'd be there like a shot if I lived anywhere near at all.

Amy said...

Karen I'm so glad the crop went well - I saw what was made at Deb's blog and it would seem that all of your preparation has paid off!

I know what it is like to have such a hard working hubby - your man has done a great job, you have a beautiful home to live in :-)

Coley said...

I was sorry to have missed the class - it looks so lovely. Can I have my bag NOW please?

Your LSNED looks fab, cant wait to see the real book.

Also, how lovely does your lounge look? I bet you are all chuffed to pieces.