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Prompt 5 (I know I haven't even got around to opening prompt 3 yet) for True Stories was about writing journaling and getting someone to fill in the blanks. Shimelle directed us to this site - big mistake because it is addictive. So I used the 'Dream Man' questions and this is what I got! Words in italics are the ones I typed into the site.

My "Dream Man" should, first of all be very gentle and artistic. He should have a physique like Jonny Depp, a profile like Orlando Bloom, and the intelligence of a hippo. He must be polite and must always remember to demand my cup cakes, to tip his banana and to take my ear lobe when crossing the street. He should move passionately, have a sensible voice, and should always dress adventurously. I would also like him to be an inventive dancer, and when we are alone he should whisper chocolate nothings into my wrist and hold my messy orchestra. I know a parrot is hard to find. In fact the only one I can think of is David

I think this sums him up perfectly!

I was inspired to make a page from the 2nd prompt and was forced, by Karen, to delve into the depths of crackle paint and Perfect Pearls!

I had some from a job lot of stuff I bought and my intention was, as with a lot of newfangled stuff, to keep it for a token length of time and then dispose of it. When Karen got out her black crackle paint, not to be out done, as usual, I couldn't resist saying that I had some (I should have known better). Will I ever learn? (note to self - read yesterday's blog letter). I also had to get out my solitary pot of Perfect Pearls. Well, that was it, before you could say Jack Robinson - or more aptly Tim Holtz, I was crackling and pearling and liking it too. So the result was the three little houses, donated to my by Karen as a little incentive to get crackling, on my page.

Note to my dear friend - I missed you yesterday, saying "I'm liking it" is not the same without you to laugh at me for saying it!

I have an evening of visiting the blogs of the participants on the True Stories class and the 67 posts I have neglected to read on Google Reader. Also I must update the Eclectic Keepsakes blog with the beautiful photographs that Wendy McKee has sent me for the class she is doing next Saturday. So lots to do then, oh dear - not time for paying David's bills and typing up invoices. Heeeee heeeeee heeeee.

Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1. An old dog being taught new tricks (thanks Karen).

2. Secret scrapping, when I am supposed to be typing up invoices.

3. Although it is going to take 5 days, at least my laptop CD drive can be fixed under warranty.



Melissa said...

Karen, your layout is beautiful. I enjoyed reading through your post today. I love that you end each post with reaons to be cheerful!

Sarah said...

This is brilliant. Love your take on the prompt and all the detail. Well done for crackling, it's fab :D

Oooooh! I love the looks of your layout, Karen! And the crackle paint works for you in this case! :o) Glad you were able to try something new ~ this is a good thing once in a while! xo

Denise said...

Love your crackling and pearling,gorgeous layout as always. Your takes on the prompts are always good reading.Sad I'm going to miss the next crop though :-( x

Donna said...

That dream man sounds great ;-)

alexa said...

What a vibrant and energetic LO for a grey Monday morning! Broad grins here at journalling at the top. :)

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