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The prompt from yesterday's True Stories was about writing a letter - so who better to write one to than to myself. As I have no photos to accompany this letter I have included a page I made a while ago which is a sort of letter to Gracia - called ' A Mum's Advice (or Mistakes I Have Made)

Dear Karen

This is a difficult letter to write because you don't like taking advice. You get the hump if anyone contradicts or criticizes you. For example if a suggestion is made that you are tired and it would be sensible to go to bed you have to stay up an extra couple of hours, even though you and others will suffer for it the next day, just to prove a point.

Many years ago I went on a personnel course which said you should say three good things before saying a bad thing - well as usual I am going to disregard that advice as I like the good things to the be last thing that I remember.

So, you really ought to listen more, listen to what Gracia has to say - she is a woman now and, contrary to what you think, doesn't always have to have the same opinoin as you. There are some things you are allowed to voice opinion on but only those that would endanger her health and welfare, all others leave it to her to make the decisions.

You don't always know the right answer, sometimes other people are right and sometimes you just don't know. Again, listen to other people, stop interjecting all the time - to be brutally blunt - zip it and listen. Learn to back down gracefully!

You should occasionally get over your aversion to housework. You know you love it when the house is clean and tidy and acknowledge that it takes very little effort to get it that way, you just would rather put that effort into something else.

Remember - if you are unhappy with things, do something about it instead of standing back and moaning, speak up, walk out or get down and get it done if someone else is slacking. You will feel better in the long run.

Every month you say you are going to get slimmer and fitter and every month goes by without it happening. You know that David is worried that your stamina levels are poor and that you don't eat enough healthy food. For him as much as you, try a little harder next month, or this month if you can fit it in.

You have many good points, you are kind; will do anything for anyone; are very sociable, hard working, patient and funny.

You are good company and your friends enjoy being with you, especially when you are in one of your silly moods. You like yourself better when you are that fun person but th0se days don't come often enough at the moment - try to let your hair down more.

You embrace your quirkyness. Enjoy your love of bright colours, don't let muted people make you into one of them with their unkind remarks. You like to live out loud, it is who you are.

Finally, I don't need to remind you that you are a fine woman, you have faults - we all do - but you have recognised them and are going to work on diminishing the things you don't like about yourself and expanding the things you do.

Good luck and take care of that lovely family of yours.

Your more sensible self.

P.s. Don't forget the diet!

Reasons to be cheerful:
1 A day of scrapping with my friend the other Karen.

2. That delicious apple and pecan crumble for pudding.

3. Kiera cut her paw badly on Wednesday but it seems to be healing very well, I knew I had missed my calling and should have been a dog nurse!



Oh, Karen, I LOVE this letter you have written to yourself. All very good advice for any of us. ;o)

And the layout with your words of wisdom for Gracia is priceless. Great post, my dear! xo

Sian said...

Beautiful layout and a very wise letter. Plenty of good advice for us all there :)