The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Of My Week!

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After taking the plunge and deciding to take this online course, prompt 1 was about questions. We are supposed to be using pen and paper but I find that really difficult as I cannot write as fast as I can type and so get frustrated by forgetting what I wanted to say as I don't get it down quick enough. So I may do it the other way, write on the laptop and then transcribe it into my notebook. Also I am really aware that I am such a bad speller that most things I hand write I type first and then write up once I have checked the spelling.

So what was I going to do on questions? I did write quite a lot on the question 'What's next?" but some of that was pretty personal so not really fit for blogdom (only in an edited version, which may make it into a page.)

I thought of the 6 question starter words and then the questions using those that I have been asked over the last week.

Who is your husband? (at church, you can tell he is not a frequent attender!)

So who is my husband? This is an easy one to answer. To me he is my rock, my soul-mate, the love of my life, my saviour and my best friend. To Gracia he is the best daddy possible, someone who can fix anything and a never ending source of pocket money. To other people he is just a thoroughly nice man who will help anyone.

What are you going to do today? (asked by David as he left for work yesterday morning).

I always answer 'This and That' as I know he would like me to say "Clean the house, make you an wholesome meal to come home to, primp and pamper myself so that I look my best for the return of my hunter and gatherer" but in reality he knows that I will play with paper and glue or pixels and maybe, just before he is due home - run the hoover over the lounge and spray air freshener about, as I hear his car pulling into the drive - snatch something out of the freezer and if he is really lucky I may have dragged a brush through my hair more than once during the day and there may be the remnants of the lip balm I used left from the morning.

When did you find the time? (asked by MIL on Saturday )

The saying goes 'If you want something doing - ask a busy person' so I always find the time to do things. I rarely watch t.v., unless it is on my laptop as I am doing something else, so have loads of time to do the things I like doing.

Where do you live? (asked by the mini-bus driver - on Wednesday)

I live in an idyllic spot, surrounded by heathland, with long country walks and bike rides close by. I also live 5 minutes drive from a fair sized town and less than an hour's train journey from London. So I have the best of both worlds really - town and country living.

Why did you choose the name Gracia? (asked by a friend - on Sunday)

Before she was born we were going to call her Sasha Grace. A few weeks before she entered our lives we decided that we liked Grace better than Sasha and that Grace Sasha didn't sound as nice. We looked in the Baby Name book and found Gracia (Gray-cee-a). I wanted her to have Grace in her name as that was the name of my favorite person when I was a child (my great aunt Grace). Rose is the middle name of one of my nieces, whom I am particularly fond of - so we called her Gracia Rose. I also felt that it was important for her to have an unusual name as people would remember her and she would stand out in a crowd, which she certainly does!

How is the house coming on? (asked all the time by anyone who knows us!)

This is a difficult one to answer as most people don't 'get' how we live. We bought our house over 18 years ago and since buying it David has doubled the size and is renovating the old house, which is over 200 years old. This is a monumental task to take on and the only help he has had was with the brick work, the roof and plastering the walls. All the other jobs he has done himself. So 'How is the house coming on?' So far we have a finished kitchen, dining room, spare bedroom (which we sleep in) Gracia's room and bathroom. An almost finished back half of the lounge. Left to do - the front half of the lounge and the largest bedroom.

So that's my questions answered.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I can feel a page coming on - using the journaling and photos above :)

2. Off to David's work to do a job that I have been putting off for ages but will feel so much better when it is done.

3. Taking Kiera for a lovely walk - with my camera for some Autumn photos.


Donna said...

I love your answer to 'What are you going to do today?' as that's so close to what happens in my house too! In fact this morning as he left for work and I was enjoying my first lie in of half-term I think he knew he'd be lucky if I managed to fit cooking in to my busy day of film watching, knitting and internet surfing! ;-) x

A.N.Other said...

great responses! i hope you know that inspired by your Gracia, it is currently my number one name for my future bun in the oven! (it isn't in the oven yet but I love the name so much! It is unusual without being odd!)

debs14 said...

I can so relate to the 'what are you going to do today' question which is very similar to the 'what have you done today' one that I often hear in the evening. I can get more housework done in the half hour before anyone gets home than I can in - oh I don't know, let's say ... a whole week of half term holiday?!!!

Sian said...

I'm so glad you answered the one about your daughters lovely name. Now I know :)

I love this post, Karen! And I really liked learning about how Gracia got her beautiful name. xo

Melissa said...

Great post - I really like the way you chose your questions (the 5 Ws & an H. Enjoyed reading your responses!

Stephanie said...

Great answers! I love that you included photos in your post, too.

Denise said...

Just catching up on blog reading and I love the way you answered what are you going to do today too! and I love the explanation of how you chose Gracia's beautiful name