Popping up for a quick Hellooooooooooooooooo

07:19 Karen 9 Comments

I feel like a huge part of me is missing - my laptop has gone in for repair and I moaned out loud when the guy in the shop said it would be up to 7 working days! He didn't seem too surprised at my reaction so I can only conclude that it was one he was used to.

How can I cope without reading the blogs I regularly read - I dread to think how many Google Reader has stored up for me. I do everything by e-mail and need a computer to do David's work most days. I feel cut off from the world but in a way it is good as perhaps I spend too much time in cyberspace and not enough time in the real world, well in Karen's world really, which for me is much more fun than the real world.

Gracia has very kindly allowed me to 'jump on' and use her laptop whenever it is free, which is not very often with the amount of work she needs to do for her A levels. So While she is still snuggled up in bed I can do a very quick blog update. I am using Internet Explorer when I usually use Firefox for my blog update. I love Firefox as it allows you to manipulate your blog posts so much more easily than Internet Explorer so this post may or may not have photos!

Note: After taking 30 minutes, I have finally added photos. Oh how I love Firefox - I just cut and past the photos, in Internet Explorer I have to 'leap frog' the photos from the top of the page to where I want them. Come back laptop - all is forgiven! I have realised that Gracia doesn't have Photoshop on her laptop either so I can't adjust the photos to the quality and colour I would like.

I have made two pages recently (one for a guest design team spot, so can't show you just yet) and this one that I made at the little crop. I have said it before and I will say it again, I really love the little crop it is just like a coffee morning with very good friends, with the added bonus of a little scrapping thrown in.

At the crop I also started making my Journal Your Christmas album. I found the most amazing bargin in The Range. An 8 x 8 pack of Christmas paper (called Mistletoe Kisses) and about 8 packs of co-ordinating stickers, I am not sure exactly how many as I have opened the packs and used them. They also sell more stickers in this range and I brought two extra packs. I have used an old pizza box for the covers.

My album is 8 x 5.5 which is the same proportions as a landscape 11 x 8.5 page. I used some die cuts, that the lovely Karen gave to Gracia who then gave them to me, for the front cover and have made up 20 pages, in the hope that if I only have to add a photo and some journaling I will be able to keep up. I hope to make the rest of the pages this week. I am going to use these and these journaling spots from Elle's studio which I have altered the colour of to match in with the papers and printed out in several sizes. I have made little journaling spots to put the date on for each page.

I have also started to make my Christmas cards so, partly because I haven't had a laptop to play on and partly because I am a bit more organised than last year, they should be finished before the end of the month. I am not sure whether to make them with the sequins or without. I like both versions. They will all have the doodled holly with Stickled berries.

Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A generous daughter who lets me use her laptop, occasionally.

2. I am quite excited about going to church this morning as the building has been reordered, to make more room for our ever increasing congregation. For the past few months we have had our services in the church hall. I will try to sneak some photos to show you if I can do it without it being too noticable.

3. I am going to start making some Christmas presents today, which if they work out properly, will be sooooooo cute.

My blog post claims to have been posted at 7:19, it is in fact 9:07 so thank you Internet Explorer for helping me to take almost 2 hours to write one blog post!



Hipperty Hopping 1 Year On

22:59 Karen 6 Comments

Well, better late than never I'm afraid. After suffering with internet problems since Tuesday I have finally managed to get my page for the Celebration blog hop made and up loaded.

It has been such an honor to work alongside these talented ladies for the past year and I hope you will pop on over to their blogs after visiting mine.

For this page I have used the Bazinga my all time favorite kit from Shimelle and also my
favorite template by Shemelle - Count To Four.

Pop on over to Kate's blog to see her amazing work. The hopping goes as follows:



Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have been working with these lovely talented ladies for the past year.

2. Discovering digi scrapping and loving it (note I have sneaked that phrase in Eileen)!

3. The promise of lots of new digi kits from Shimelle in the not too distant future.



Not a lot going on around here!

17:11 Karen 4 Comments

It was our crop yesterday and I started a page for the IF prompt on the True Stories class.
Finished it this morning before anyone had got up and that is really all that I have done today other than prepare 20 little card shapes for my Rainbows to fold into Christmas decorations. I know Christmas is ages away but you can never start preparing for it too early!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Even though I spent most of my time at the crop yesterday ranting - my friends found it amusing so it had some purpose.

2. Having the chance to spend time with friends and just chatting and do the things I love to do and discovering that I am not the only one who has badly fallen behind with the True Stories class.

3. The X-Factor, the anticipation of raging at the t.v. when Wagner is still left in!



If .......

17:07 Karen 5 Comments

I have been so engrossed in writing my poem and my blog that I have just looked up and realised that I am sitting in an unlit room and that it is pitch black outside at only 5pm!

The True Stories prompt today was to write about if moments - if I had/hadn't done ..... then .....wouldn't have happened. I have plenty of those but was inspired by the Rudyard Kipling poem If and decided to rewrite it for Gracia.

If you can live by your own values and not by others

When others think that they are in the right

If you can always try to trust your own good instincts

And fight for your beliefs with all your might

If you can trust in what you deem to be important

And never deviate from that true path

If you can be a friend to all who need you

And they’ll know you’re there without having to ask

If you can tell the truth when it is difficult

And accept the consequences of your acts

If you can forgive the wrongs people may do you

And try to understand all of the facts

If you can dream your dreams of happiness and love

And know that they may not always come true

If you can make the most of every day you’re granted

And do the best in everything you do

If you can learn to give much more than you are taking

And help those in despair, or hurt, or need

You will be the woman I know you’re destined

You will be my golden girl – oh yes indeed!

And yes she does most of these already and she certainly is our golden girl.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Going back to work after a week off wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

2. After spending 7 hours yesterday, I can say with such delight that all of David's invoices have been completely typed up to date and all his suppliers have been paid!

3. Looking forward to meeting up with the girls at the pub this evening.