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I have been so engrossed in writing my poem and my blog that I have just looked up and realised that I am sitting in an unlit room and that it is pitch black outside at only 5pm!

The True Stories prompt today was to write about if moments - if I had/hadn't done ..... then .....wouldn't have happened. I have plenty of those but was inspired by the Rudyard Kipling poem If and decided to rewrite it for Gracia.

If you can live by your own values and not by others

When others think that they are in the right

If you can always try to trust your own good instincts

And fight for your beliefs with all your might

If you can trust in what you deem to be important

And never deviate from that true path

If you can be a friend to all who need you

And they’ll know you’re there without having to ask

If you can tell the truth when it is difficult

And accept the consequences of your acts

If you can forgive the wrongs people may do you

And try to understand all of the facts

If you can dream your dreams of happiness and love

And know that they may not always come true

If you can make the most of every day you’re granted

And do the best in everything you do

If you can learn to give much more than you are taking

And help those in despair, or hurt, or need

You will be the woman I know you’re destined

You will be my golden girl – oh yes indeed!

And yes she does most of these already and she certainly is our golden girl.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Going back to work after a week off wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

2. After spending 7 hours yesterday, I can say with such delight that all of David's invoices have been completely typed up to date and all his suppliers have been paid!

3. Looking forward to meeting up with the girls at the pub this evening.



Sandie said...

That's a wonderful poem Karen!
Very inspiring :)

Sue Jones said...

great poem and beautiful layout :)

JO SOWERBY said...

that's a really inspiring poem,
Jo xxxx

Liberty :) said...

lovely poem Karen xx

Simply awesome, Karen. Great post!

PS: Hope you had fun at the pub!!! xo