Not a lot going on around here!

17:11 Karen 4 Comments

It was our crop yesterday and I started a page for the IF prompt on the True Stories class.
Finished it this morning before anyone had got up and that is really all that I have done today other than prepare 20 little card shapes for my Rainbows to fold into Christmas decorations. I know Christmas is ages away but you can never start preparing for it too early!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Even though I spent most of my time at the crop yesterday ranting - my friends found it amusing so it had some purpose.

2. Having the chance to spend time with friends and just chatting and do the things I love to do and discovering that I am not the only one who has badly fallen behind with the True Stories class.

3. The X-Factor, the anticipation of raging at the t.v. when Wagner is still left in!



Liberty :) said...

this is a gorgeous page with such meaning karen xx

What a perfect picture for that prompt. It's beautiful.

Amy said...

Karen the IF page is gorgeous and I really like the way you have thought about this one - it is a bit different to many others I have seen so far :-)

Avital said...

What a striking layout and what an honor it has been, working with you throughout the last year.