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Well, as the year draws to a close, I can say it has been a very good one and like many of my blog friends I have decided to review it using some of my projects from the past year, they are not necessarily my favorite ones but the ones that best illustrate the year. This could well be a long blog post (20 photos) so either go and get yourself a cup of tea and the last piece of Christmas cake or just flip onto the the next blog. If you are flipping have a very Happy New Year and thank you for dropping by over the last year.

January - Santa's Little Helpers

Love the way these two mess about and do things just to make each other and everyone else around them laugh. They are so inventive with their ideas and I love how they are when together.

Favorite thing #1 - how happy these two make each other and everyone else who is lucky enough to know them.

February - How Do I Love Thee

This man has been my best friend, my whole hearted supporter, my rock and my world for the past 27 years. He works hard for us as a family, helps support his mum and is generally a really lovely man. I don't know one person who has anything bad to say about him or who doesn't genuinely like him.

Favorite thing #2 - how lucky I am to have this wonderful person in my life

March - A Dream Come True

We had long dreamed of starting up our own crop and finally in March all our hard work came to fruition. It was not how we originally planned it but we have both worked hard and it now has an established pattern and runs in a way we are both delighted with. We have made it into a crop that we are both proud of and that the members like too.

Favorite thing #3 - friends with the same hopes and plans and the wherewithal to put them into practice.

April - How Can It Be?

Exactly, how can she be 17? Only five minutes ago she was a new born in my arms and now she is planning to leave home and go to university. We are so blessed with our darling Gracia, she is hard working, kind, bright and our shining star. We cannot put into words how proud we are of her and everything she does.

Favorite thing # 4 - Gracia - our pride and joy, our beautiful girl. Oh and in April I discovered another favorite thing, a new passion - cupcake baking!

May - A Message For You.

Gracia had her first dance lesson when she was two and a half and has never looked back. The dance school was the only one locally who took students under three and from her very first lesson she fell in love. She still goes to dance class every Friday evening and sadly, this year was the last dance show she will be in. I love that she dances with her heart and soul, dances because it makes her happy and doesn't care that none of her friends still go to dance class.

Favorite thing #5 - that you are confident to do what makes you happy and that you always dance to the beat of your own drum.

June - Fuzzy Face

Kiera is our third Golden Retriever and between you and me, my favorite. She only wants to please and has never been to dog training classes - she just does as she is told all the time. I cannot remember a time when we have had to raise our voice to her or even get slightly cross.

Favorite thing #6 - Kiera, a dog who thinks she is human and is quite affronted if referred to as a dog!

July - Silly In Sheffield

July was the month we went to visit Sheffield University and I fell in love with the city. At the time it was the top of the kid's list of courses to go but now, sadly, it may not be. But going to Sheffield made me remember how much I like visiting new places and discovering new things.

Favorite thing #7 - Actively seeking out new adventures and places to go.

August - Amazing Results

What fantastic results the kids got in their A/S exams. They worked extremely hard and it certainly paid off. Both sets of parents were so proud of them and it proved us right to trust them to get on with studying together and not worry that they weren't putting in the time and effort.
Also in August I made a page for Shimelle's online crop which celebrated my quirkiness and how I like to be me.

Also at the end of August we went on a little holiday. The first one we had been on as a family for several years and the first one which included Josh. So August was a bumper month.

Favorite thing #8 - That I can be the person whom I like to be and my family and friends accept me for that.

September - Learn Something New Every Day

This was the second year I had taken this class and decided to make it 6 x 4 digital. Using a template and only having a few lines of journalling meant that I was able to keep up during the hectic first weeks back at school. I love online classes as that is where I have met many of my blog friends and some of them have become real friends too and come along to our crop.

Favorite thing #9 - meeting the many and diverse people I have been in contact with through the internet. Ladies who although I have never spoken to or met in the flesh I still count as friends.

October - Guest Designer for ATDML

Ok I have cheated here because I have included all the projects that I made for Mel and Jill. I found it too difficult to choose one and so loved the kit that they sent me that I have included each project. I think that the one I love the most is the Marks Hall one. (I still have one more project that I made for Jill and Mel but they haven't uploaded it to their blog yet).

Favorite thing #10 - being able to be creative and being given the opportunity to do it for the design teams I have worked on over the last year.

November - My Life In Numbers

Another Shimelle class taken in November! I can't seem to resist them. This one was a journalling based class but I am afraid that life got in the way and for the first time I didn't complete the class. No worries though as I can always go back to it and finish it another time. One prompt was to use lots of numbers or letters in your journalling and I wanted to document how my life has changed from being that of a single person to our little family of 4 (including Josh).

Favorite thing #11 - My lovely family and friends. The life I have led and the life I have yet to discover.

December - Gracia's Heart Cushions

This was a joint project that Gracia and I embarked upon early in December. She brought the fabric from ebay, made the patchwork fronts herself and then I helped her to make the cushions and the button holes on the back. I love that this year we have had many craft days together. We have made cards for Josh to sell for the Russ Foundation, baked and sewn and I think that we are both making the most of our time together before she goes off to Uni in the summer.

Favorite thing #12 - Spending many hours with my friends at crops and my lovely Gracia at home making and creating to my little heart's content.

If you have finally made it this far, I applaud your staying power. I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year that is filled with peace and harmony. xxx

Reason to be cheerful:

Only one today - that I live the life I do surrounded by the people that I love.



Denise said...

What a lovey post Karen - you could almost make a 'my year' album with these as they are all so perfect for the year.Happy New Year to you and your lovely family and can't wait till the 8th Jan xxx

debs14 said...

What a lovely review of your year! I'm so pleased you discovered a love of cupcake making ;-)
Also thrilled that the Crop became reality - it's something I really look forward to each month and am looking forward to 12 more in 2011.
Happy New Year x

Sian said...

Karen, it was absolutely no chore at all to enjoy your lovely review post! Your prjects and layouts are all beautiful - and with the added bonus of your notes at the end of each, this has been a pleasure to read. A Happy New Year to you all!

Sandie said...

This is lovely, Karen! Beautiful photos and beautiful post. Looking forward to 8th. Have a wonderful New Year and hope it is full of fun, creativity and cupcakes! :)

One of the things that I love about your blog is your ability to express gratitude in such a heartfelt way, Karen. This post had me smiling and tearing up as I read through it. It also made me happy to see your lovely scrapbook pages and those cupcakes that are such an inspiration to me.

All the best to you and your lovely family in the new year, Karen! I look forward to continuing our blog friendship in 2011! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love your scrapping style! I especially like January and the bird page in September. :-)