Sian's Christmas Club - A late entry!

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I was going to write about the 12 traditions we have in the weeks leading up to Christmas but after reading Denise's post decided to write about just one of them.

We have always told Gracia that Santa brings her presents but that we pay him for them. This was because when she was little we were very strapped for cash and I worried that she would think that Santa liked her friend Emma more than he liked her as Emma always had huge expensive Christmas presents. So the solution was to say that we paid Santa and as Gracia knew that Emma's parents could afford larger presents that was ok.

When Gracia was about 3 all she wanted for Christmas was a doll called 'Potty Training Shelly'. Shelly is Barbie's little sister and this doll was quite expensive and I knew it would be a five minute wonder. I said that I was not going to ask Santa to bring it as I thought there were other things he would bring that she would like more.

But all she asked for was 'Potty Training Shelly'! Not one to go back on my word once I had said no I had to find a solution. It was easy really because 1997 was the year that Santa started to bring a naughty present, just from him. We always leave Gracia's presents on the sofa and that scamp of a Santa placed a present amongst the ones from us, it was wrapped in the same paper as those in her stocking, which everyone knows are from Santa and can you guess what was in that rogue parcel - yep you're right it was a Potty Training Shelly. He must have known how much she had wanted it. True to form the doll was played with twice and never taken out of its box again after Boxing Day - I knew it would have limited appeal but my little three year old didn't!

Every year since then, Santa has left a naughty present for Gracia nestling amongst the ones we have for her, it is usually one we definitely don't approve of, these have ranged from Beano Club membership - to one year when he was naughty beyond compare and left her a remote controlled fart machine! Last year he left some very skimpy panties and this year he has his present all ready to be wrapped. So the naughty Santa present became a family tradition which has given us so much laughter over the years and all because a mean mum could not be seen to back down on a decision!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. After a couple of days battling flu and a chest infection, today I am beginning to feel human again.

2. Accidental traditions that make our Christmas special.

3. Friends whose blogs inspire you.



Sian said...

This is such a great story - I have a girl here who would absolutely relish the idea of a naughty present from Santa! And as I was reading I could hear that same little girl's voice saying "Shelley" over and over again, because we had a Shelley Christmas too! It's the best kind of story that triggers your own memories too; so many thanks for this one Karen. I really enjoyed it and I'm sending you all my best wishes for a very merry CHristmas

scrappyjacky said...

A great story...I too have daughters who would have loved that tradition....a great way to give a gift....without giving parental approval!!!!

Liberty :) said...

brilliant story!!!!

What a fun tradition!

Denise said...

That's such a nice story- and a lovely tradition that you can keep up.Those presents all piled up on the sofa bring back very fond memories x

Miriam said...

Oh this is lovely, and such a great tradition. Will you let us know what naughty Santa leaves this year? Merry Christmas :)

debs14 said...

I love this idea and what a great way to get round the 'You're not having one of those' situations. First rule of parenting, once the foot has been put down, it cannot be seen to be raised. Unless of course Naughty Santa steps in ....
Do let us know what he brings this year!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea. I must tell my niece (she's got 2 little one's).

that's such a fantastic story!

:o) I love this story, Karen. I always told Carrie that we had to pay Santa for her gifts too, that helped in the early years when I was a single mom and couldn't afford a lot.

Love the idea of a naughty Santa gift. Very cute and clever! Hope you are totally over your bug and feeling tip-top! xo