1st Project Finished.

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Our boiler stopped working a couple of weeks ago and we have been without hot water (we do have an electric shower) for that time. Robbie is coming to fix it tomorrow so first thing on my list of things to do is have a lovely, long hot bath! I look on the broken boiler as a blessing in disguise as the only warm place at the moment is in the kitchen, in front of the AGA.

So I have spent my time sitting with my back against the AGA making stuff. Not scrapbook pages, I'm afraid, as I am a standing up scrapper!
As I said yesterday, I have taken up this challenge and my first project for January has finally been finished. Here it is and I love it! I purchased the bag a couple of years ago and the felt flowers were from a pack that I found at a local garden center - who would have thought that you could buy craft supplies from a garden center, I was there looking for Christmas presents and came upon a concession selling books and craft stuff. They were only about £1.00 and as soon as I saw them I remembered the bag that I was going to 'pretty' up and so the project began.

Also on the non-scrapbook related crafting front I have finished my hat that I blogged about before Christmas.

I really like this too but it doesn't seem to like me, as when I wear it my face turns into a large round moon - slimmer face needed I think but with the prospect of a nieces wedding on the horizon this has now been taken in hand.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Early mornings, flying solo, when I can get lots of me stuff done.

2. It's Friday and I have the whole afternoon off. Even though I have decided to do housework this will mean that the scrapbook page that is in my head will soon be on a page and I won't be feeling guilty about playing when the house needs cleaning.

3. Life is just sooooooooooooooo good at the moment.

If you read this before the weekend starts - I hope you have an absolutely fabulous one and if you read it after, I hope you weekend was all you wished it could be. xxx



Oh so fun to be working with fabric and felt and yarn! The bag and hat turned out so cute.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to be working on a fabric mini-book combined with paper...probably won't show it on my blog until after Valentine's Day though. ♥

Denise said...

Hope you've got your hot water back now.Lovely to snuggle up in front of the Aga!I wish I could sew as I love that bag and I bet the hat looks lovely on.x