Handbags and Gladrags

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I am going to show you a project I make for the lovely Mel and Jill at ATDML - fact that this class had gone live completely passed me by! It think that I lost track of everything during the run up to Christmas and during the Christmas period due the the prolonged bouts of different bugs we had but thankfully we are all well now.

The instructions, if you would like to have a go, are here but it is quite a long project and the instructions have been separated into three sections so you are able to put it down and come back to it again later.

Inside are photos showing the lead up to Gracia's prom in June 2009, and photos of when she met up with her friends to get the limo to the venue. I loved making the book because it brought back so many happy memories. I wanted to make a minibook as a reminder of the day but it had to be special and so I designed this one to look like a handbag. Because of the folds at the top it is 3D and takes on the appearance of a real handbag.

Once upon a time a handsome prince (Josh) asks the beautiful princess (Gracia, of course) to the ball. They had spoken and laughed together but never gone out! The princess after much deliberation (about 2 seconds) said yes and their story began. Much thought and effort went into preparation for the prom (by this time they were an item) and a whole day of pampering was required to gain maximum effect.

Once her make up was absolutely perfect and she looked more beautiful than ever, the princess asked her dresser (also known as mum) to do her hair. The dresser remembered many years ago her own mum having a hair style with hair piled on top of her head in lots of curls and so tried this out. The princess thought it looked gorgeous, so did her mum!

Quite fittingly, the princess chose diamonds and pearls as her accessories and amazing purple suede shoes with a matching handbag. Her dad had agreed to buy the shoes and when she found the perfect ones, asked him if it was ok to pay £60.00 for them. As he had thought she had said £16.00 he said yes. At his shock at the real price her mum said "Get real - who buys shoes for £16.00!" He was heard to mutter "I would if I could find them!"

The beautiful princess knew exactly the sort of dress she wanted. The only problem was that it was nowhere to be found. She drew the dress she wanted and asked her mum if it would be possible to make a pattern and then make the dress, of course her mum said yes. So they traveled to London in her coach (British Rail Trains) to seek out the fabric needed to make her dream come true. The princess chose beautiful silk in peacock blue, regal purple and turquoise. The dress was made and altered many times until it was fit for the princess.

Once she was ready she met up with her best friend Princess Hannah and they ventured off to meet with all the princes and princesses who were going to the ball in the limo.

Her prince was waiting for her and they looked so beautiful together. The look of pride on his face at how stunning his princess looked was worth all the many weeks of effort.

The princess looked so beautiful and happy that her mum cried and her dad almost exploded with pride. They were both convinced that never before and never again would there be such a perfectly gorgeous princess.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Opportunities to make little projects that bring back such happy memories.

2. That Gracia and Josh are still as much in love and just as happy as they were then.

3. That my Grandma taught me to sew and therefore I was able make the dress of Gracia's dreams.



debs14 said...

The princess is truly lucky that the Queen is so talented in so many ways!
A beautiful story - told wonderfully, and displayed so imaginatively. Perfect!

Fabulous book and a great way to turn it into an heirloom, Karen! This is just so sweet and I love it!

Denise said...

Karen this is so lovely- and as Debs said perfect story told perfectly xx