It's A Wrap!

08:22 Karen 5 Comments

Well it's almost a wrap. I know, I know exactly what you're thinking - oh not again that blooming Chestnut Soup paper! Yes, it is but I am only going to do one more page with it I promise.

I paid £18.00 for 6 sheets of patterned paper, 5 sheets of Bazzill, the sticker sheet, the journaling sprouts, the ribbon and twill pack, the alpha stickers and some red and green buttons. I have added a couple of extra sheets of Bazzill because I wanted different coloured backgrounds so when I have finished the page, I am hopefully starting today I will have made 6 pages so that will be just over £3.00 a page - what a bargin.

The latest page is from 2nd December when we had the heavy snow and freezing weather. My beautiful Gracia and I went for a treck in the snow and both had to wrap up warm. For the first time, since she was small enough for me to dictate what she wears, she wore a hat and lovely she looked it it too. Another thing that I love about this photo is how, when my camera is on snow setting (I really must get it together and learn to use a camera without it being on automatic) how beautifully red her hair looks.

I was shopping yesterday and a little girl, who was about 6 or 7, was standing in front of me in the queue. Her hair was the most beautiful light ginger and so shiny. I said to her 'What beautiful hair you have'. Her mum smiled and said that the little girl hated her hair and often said that as soon as she was old enough she was going to colour it. What a shame, I hope she learns to love it before then.

So because I took time off to do my page yesterday evening, today I have to get the business banking done and finish printing off all the invoices BUT I will definately find the time to make my last Chestnut Soup page and finish a non-scrapbooking project I started last week and had hoped to finish on Friday but got sucked into scrapping. Oh that kit has a lot to answer for but most of all it has kick started my creativity once again.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's Sunday and I had a lay in until 8:00am - unheard of for me to do that.

2. The day looks promisingly bright and I can hear a wood pidgen cooing in the garden.

3. The man came to measure up for the new stairs yesterday. They can't go in until the floor is down and that can't go in until the warmer weather but once the warm weather comes there will be a flurry of activity and that half of the new lounge will be finished xxx



Sian said...

I hope that little girl learns to love her hair too - I come from a family of "auburns". My Granny didn't go grey until she was in her eighties!

That's a beautiful photo on a really lovely page

debs14 said...

Oh yes, here's another 'auburn' girl who hated her hair when she was younger! Now I have to add the red highlights artificially - who'd have thought it?!
Love that paper and especially love the little banner of mittens!

Sandie said...

My son in law is auburn and my daughter hoped one of her children would inherit this beautiful colour. But alas not. They all have very straight hair (like mine) and I bet they will grow up wishing it was curly!
Beautiful pages, Karen. Love the buttons.

Denise said...

Gorgeous yummy page,I love the mitten banner too- and your use of buttons.Your snowman soup page is beautiful too xx

Oh how I LOVE that mitten garland across the top of your layout, Karen!

And isn't that the way it is with most of us - always wanting different hair than what is naturally ours. :o)