K is for ............

14:00 Karen 2 Comments

Look at what I have.

My very good friend, the other Karen (sometimes I'm the other Karen ;o)), paid me a flying visit this morning and gave me this. A beautiful wooden K because she said "All Karens need a K". So I have sneaked a break from paying David's suppliers and doing the banking to quickly post about my lovely K.
So what is K for ........
  • K is for Karen of course - who came for a lovely, if short, visit
  • K is for kindness - in thinking of me when she saw the lovely K
  • K is for kits - always a subject of our conversation, whether it is ones we have recently bought or ones we are making up for the crop.
  • K is for knowledge - the very lovely Julie is going to show me how to make icing flowers.
  • K is for kidding about - loving the laughs that I always have with my girl friends.
So after a lovely respite from the tedium of the business admin. I really must get back to it.

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Lovely thoughtful friends - Karen

2. Friends with special knowledge which they are happy to impart - Julie.

3. Friends who are always there regardless and make me laugh - Eileen.

I am so very lucky with the lovely ladies I get to hang out with xxxx



Coley said...

And very pretty it looks too on your lovely dresser x

Amy said...

Oooh, I like this Karen ... I found a large capital letter initial of our last name just this past week - in red - now I just have to work out where to put it!