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Ok, I know I am a sucker for an online anything! So far this week I have joined New52 - a challenge to do, photograph and blog something new each week for the year. This class at Big Picture Classes - thanks Deb and this - A Monthly Make thanks Sian. If you hear me mumbling about joining anything else just tell me to walk away with dignity and get back to reality. One of my aims for this year is to have more crafting time. At this rate I will be spending all my spare time just crafting - who other than David would have a problem with that?

So my new thing week 1 is shopping at Hollister, Bluewater - not very exciting but I had to retrospectively find something I had done that was new.
Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Blog friends who have inspiring challenges on their blogs.

2. People who think up amazing challenges

3. Sneaking in the time to do said challenges - heee , hee, he.

Have a lovely day inspiring blog friends xxx



Sian said...

LOL! Glad to see you are keeping busy hehe.

Hollister? It's torture..

Funny for me to see a Hollister store from the UK - looking exactly like the one at the mall a mile from my house. :o)

Love the layout...can't wait to see more.

Amy said...

You have made me giggle a little bit today - I am deliberately trying to take on fewer classes this year as I got a teeny-tiny bit out of control last year!

To the best of my knowledge I don't think we have Hollister in Australia - that could just be me and my hermit tendencies though ;-)

Love your word for this year :-)