Snowman Soup

06:18 Karen 3 Comments

Ok, you might be getting fed up with this paper range appearing on my blog but I simply love it. I love that it is printed on kraft. I love the simple and quite muted colours - unusual for an 'in your face' colour lover. I love that each paper is so different that it can stand alone or mix it up with the other papers. I love the little elements on the papers that are perfect for a little bit of cutting out whilst watching some mental chewing gum on i-player, after a long day. Are you getting the picture - this is one range that I absolutely adore.

I am getting down to the dregs of the pieces I have but, thankfully have enough for a couple of more pages. They are both in my head and will certainly be onto cardstock by the end of the weekend. I 'have my scrap on' as Laura calls it! 3 layouts this week, something that is unheard of lately.

Have you noticed - I am trying to embrace my inner stamper! Stamping embellies AND stamping on finished pages - the stamping is not perfect but I love the rustic feel to it, perfect for this range of papers.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Friday afternoons off.

2. Thursday, after school, cups of tea with your best friend.

3. Saturday tea and cake with your next best friend.

Have a lovely weekend but I may be back before then xxx



Amy said...

I really like it when you get your 'scrap on'! You can also post those papers as much as you like - I love them too :-)

Sian said...

Beautiful! Three layouts in one week is completely unheard of round my way lol

SOOOO cute! I love snowmen anyway, and your layout it just adorable with all those stamped and cut out snowmen. They are such a sweet addition to that page.

Have a great weekend, Karen! xo