A Quick Kiera Update

07:46 Karen 4 Comments

She is home, not in too much pain and has managed to force herself to eat pancakes for brakefast! :)



What a difference a day makes!

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What a difference a day makes - if you are squeemish please don't read any further.

When I am on school holidays, David doesn't take Kiera to work but leaves her home for me. We always go out for a lovely walk, come rain or shine, even if it is only a short one. Sometimes we go through the fields and then through the woods on one side of the village, sometimes we walk to the woods in the next village and sometimes we go down to the river.

On Tuesday she had a lovely walk through the fields and woods and spent ages dragging along this enormous log.

Yesterday, Gracia and I took her for a swim in the river.

Today, I waited for Gracia to be picked up and then decided to go through the fields and woods, down to the railway bridge. It was beautiful and I was photographing the buds and catkins and, as always, Kiera ran ahead and into the woods. I really don't know what happened next as when I rounded the corner she was laying down, I thought she had exhausted herself from dragging along yet another log. As I walked past she got up and trotted along by my side and then I noticed that she was bleeding. I told her to lay down and lifted up her leg and all I could keep saying was 'Oh my God, Oh my God'

Somehow she had ripped a piece of her skin and fur from her leg and without any exaggeration it is the size of both my hands when placed side by side. She just didn't take any notice and would have quite happily just gone home. I phoned David to come and meet me at the end of the dirt track and we took her to the vet. I took this photo while we were waiting for David to arrive and I still cannot believe that she has done so much damage and didn't even whimper!

The vet has just phoned to say that they have sorted out the wound and that, thankfully she is going to be ok. So my dear sweet Kiera is coming home in a couple of hours and boy is she going to be spoiled. I would just like to know what on earth is in the woods that would cause such damage? I am still shaking as I type this post and am hoping that by getting it written down it will get some of the shock out of my system.

Reasons to be Cheerful.

1. Amazing vets who rush back from their lunch to take care of an injured dog.

2. Fantastic veterinarian nurses who reassure you that there is nothing that you could have done to have prevented it.

3. My brave little Kiera.



One Of Each.

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A very quick post made during a very busy morning.

One digi page made for this class over on 2Peas and using a template by Shimelle which can be purchased here. This class is teaching us how to use 6 x 4 photos on 12 x 12 pages. In January it uses 1, in February it uses 2, in March it uses 3 etc. Eeeek 12 6 x 4 photos in December what a challenge!

And one paper page made for this class, also over on 2Peas. This class deals with using your everyday supplies in different ways. This month it's punches.

I am now thinking that I like the sentiment and photo on the digi one so much that I can feel a paper version on its way!

Have a lovely day.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's half term.

2. Jill and Mel sent me a box of goodies to play with last week and I now have time to play.

3. I have discovered 'My Fitness Coach - Dance Workout' on the Wii and it is so much fun.



This Man

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25 years ago today this man became my husband.

This man took me on baggage and all, helped me piece my self esteem back together and made me realise there were no heights I could not reach. With this man beside me I am whole and no words can ever convey how much I love him and how much the past 25 years have meant to me.

This man gave me this girl

and as a result we are a family who laughs and loves together all the time. Of course there have been times when the road was rough but he fought to get us through that and back as we should be. This man has turned a derelict house into a home. This man works long hours to give us all he can. This man is always there to listen and give advice.

This man loves and protects his girls almost more than is humanly possible.

This man is all I ever wanted but never knew until I met him. This man is the best father a girl could ask for. This man and this girl are my whole life and I cannot thank him enough for the past 25 years. xxx

My biggest reason to be cheerful today:-

This man saw who I really was, saw the potential in what I could be and helped me to realise that potential. I know you don't read my blog but my darling David I love you with all my heart and look forward to the next 25 years.

Normal blogging will resume on the next post and I promise - no more slush!



Dregs from the bottom of the soup pot!

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Yesterday was the much loved 'little crop' day. For once I was packed and ready to roll the night before. I am so glad David has taken to nagging me to get ready the evening before a crop instead of panicking on the morning because the printer is throwing a wobbly and all my photos won't print out.

Despite lots of chatting, eating delicious cakes and generally faffing about I managed to get my last page from the Chestnut Soup kit

and make a valentine's day card for David. This was quite a quick card and totally taken from ideas on
MaryAnn's blog. The instructions for making the card are here and the link for the printable download are here.

So what else have I done this week? I have finished a project that I started for this blog. Made another 6 pages for my Journal Your Christmas Album - I know, I know Christmas was ages ago but with all the illness that was rattling around this house over the Christmas period I never got past page 13! Also I have signed up for a Cheryl Johnson photography course called 'Not Going Green'. A four week course to get me off the automatic mode and into

What's in store for the rest of the week? Well I have just dry brushed some white paint onto a piece of blue
cardstock for a page for this challenge.

Amended to add, very bad, photo of page for Chicken Soup Challenge
It's my mum and dad when they married 56 years ago!

I have another 17 pages for my
JYC to make (maybe not all this week but you never know). I have the components to make for 18 peg dolly brides for Rainbows tomorrow, I have an anniversary card to make for Tuesday and a box stuffed full of Prima gorgeousness arrived from ATDML yesterday to be stroked and gently teased into pages and projects.

Oh I am so looking forward to the week to come, I hope you are too.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Taking the plunge and turning my camera from automatic to
manual - scary stuff for me!

2. Finding time to play with pretty paper and glue.

3. It's Valentine's day on Monday and my
anniversary on Tuesday - how much love can a girl take?

Hope you have a very loving week and cupid is good to you xxx



Finding The February Loooooove

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Well February is certainly the month for love! This year, not only does it host Valentine's Day, my birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary, it has also given me a crop with Ann Freeman teaching this gorgeous double lo. Now I wouldn't say I was a fan of two page los but this one may be the turning point.

I used black and white photos from over the years of David and Gracia together and just loved the finished result. It's not quite finished as I haven't journalled on it yet. Look stamping directly onto the card - I had to take lots of deep breaths, tell myself it would be ok and I still had to have two attempts so the back of one of the los has a branch stamped on it!

The crop was so lovely, it seems to get better and better each month. We have a core of regulars and then other ladies that dip in and out. Everyone has really gelled and it really doesn't matter where anyone sits they are guaranteed to be with friends, whether they are of many years standing or new ones.

So yesterday, I managed to cut out 7 flowers from a piece of paper and stickle them. That was all I managed to get done from 10am until 2pm when the class started! So who was chatting and eating all the cakes I wonder ;o).

Talking of cakes, I made these ones for the crop - even though I say so myself they are pretty cute! My dear friend Julie showed me how to make the daises, as I have promised to make Gerberas for my neices wedding cupcakes. I wanted to get some practice in so made the daisy cakes for the crop.

I got up at 5.30 this morning and made the lo I wanted to make yesterday. It documents a funny conversation I had with one of the children at work. Spending some quiet time doodling, cutting and sticking is a good way to compensate for waking up with ear ache yet again!

Please note that the journalling reads idioms and not idiots as Gracia read it!

What's next on the agenda - hmmmmm I may well go over to the Chicken Soup blog and have a play with their challenge. Who knows what the rest of the day has in store, but I can guarantee that whatever it is it will be fun.

Edited to add card made for the above challenge blog - not a lot done in this house today, other than crafting ;o)

Have a lovely week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Talented designers who give their all to the classes they design.

2. Spending a whole day with a bunch of genuinely nice and funny ladies.

3. Getting up in time to create a page I really like



Come to Moma!

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Did the designers at Echo Park design this range just for me? I know that as soon as it hits the UK my fingers will be hitting the keyboard and ordering it. Georgeous or what? I simply must have ALL of this range.I want it and I want it NOW.