Dregs from the bottom of the soup pot!

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Yesterday was the much loved 'little crop' day. For once I was packed and ready to roll the night before. I am so glad David has taken to nagging me to get ready the evening before a crop instead of panicking on the morning because the printer is throwing a wobbly and all my photos won't print out.

Despite lots of chatting, eating delicious cakes and generally faffing about I managed to get my last page from the Chestnut Soup kit

and make a valentine's day card for David. This was quite a quick card and totally taken from ideas on
MaryAnn's blog. The instructions for making the card are here and the link for the printable download are here.

So what else have I done this week? I have finished a project that I started for this blog. Made another 6 pages for my Journal Your Christmas Album - I know, I know Christmas was ages ago but with all the illness that was rattling around this house over the Christmas period I never got past page 13! Also I have signed up for a Cheryl Johnson photography course called 'Not Going Green'. A four week course to get me off the automatic mode and into

What's in store for the rest of the week? Well I have just dry brushed some white paint onto a piece of blue
cardstock for a page for this challenge.

Amended to add, very bad, photo of page for Chicken Soup Challenge
It's my mum and dad when they married 56 years ago!

I have another 17 pages for my
JYC to make (maybe not all this week but you never know). I have the components to make for 18 peg dolly brides for Rainbows tomorrow, I have an anniversary card to make for Tuesday and a box stuffed full of Prima gorgeousness arrived from ATDML yesterday to be stroked and gently teased into pages and projects.

Oh I am so looking forward to the week to come, I hope you are too.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Taking the plunge and turning my camera from automatic to
manual - scary stuff for me!

2. Finding time to play with pretty paper and glue.

3. It's Valentine's day on Monday and my
anniversary on Tuesday - how much love can a girl take?

Hope you have a very loving week and cupid is good to you xxx



You are a busy girl, Karen! That's a LOT of projects to turn out in a week's time, but if anyone can do it you sure can.

I'm really interested in taking that photography class too, but I see that it began on 2/11...I wonder if I can still get in. I'm going to try!

Happy Valentine's Day AND Anniversary to you and David. And, you've got a birthday to celebrate soon too, right? xo

Sian said...

That's a whole lot of creativity you have going on there!

Happy Anniversary

Denise said...

Lovely -gorgeous pages as always,looks like you are a very busy girl,all nice things to be busy with though.I really like the look of that Chestnut Soup range x...and Happy Anniversary xx

Becca said...

Wow you have been busy, with more to do, the layouts are lovely, love that chestnut soup collection.

Happy Anniversary Karen, hope you have a lovely day x

Kate said...

Love your Chicken Soup Inspiration, gorgeous soft colours!

Muckyfingers said...

Beautiful work and gorgeous Chicken Soup page :) xx