Finding The February Loooooove

14:39 Karen 8 Comments

Well February is certainly the month for love! This year, not only does it host Valentine's Day, my birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary, it has also given me a crop with Ann Freeman teaching this gorgeous double lo. Now I wouldn't say I was a fan of two page los but this one may be the turning point.

I used black and white photos from over the years of David and Gracia together and just loved the finished result. It's not quite finished as I haven't journalled on it yet. Look stamping directly onto the card - I had to take lots of deep breaths, tell myself it would be ok and I still had to have two attempts so the back of one of the los has a branch stamped on it!

The crop was so lovely, it seems to get better and better each month. We have a core of regulars and then other ladies that dip in and out. Everyone has really gelled and it really doesn't matter where anyone sits they are guaranteed to be with friends, whether they are of many years standing or new ones.

So yesterday, I managed to cut out 7 flowers from a piece of paper and stickle them. That was all I managed to get done from 10am until 2pm when the class started! So who was chatting and eating all the cakes I wonder ;o).

Talking of cakes, I made these ones for the crop - even though I say so myself they are pretty cute! My dear friend Julie showed me how to make the daises, as I have promised to make Gerberas for my neices wedding cupcakes. I wanted to get some practice in so made the daisy cakes for the crop.

I got up at 5.30 this morning and made the lo I wanted to make yesterday. It documents a funny conversation I had with one of the children at work. Spending some quiet time doodling, cutting and sticking is a good way to compensate for waking up with ear ache yet again!

Please note that the journalling reads idioms and not idiots as Gracia read it!

What's next on the agenda - hmmmmm I may well go over to the Chicken Soup blog and have a play with their challenge. Who knows what the rest of the day has in store, but I can guarantee that whatever it is it will be fun.

Edited to add card made for the above challenge blog - not a lot done in this house today, other than crafting ;o)

Have a lovely week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Talented designers who give their all to the classes they design.

2. Spending a whole day with a bunch of genuinely nice and funny ladies.

3. Getting up in time to create a page I really like



Denise said...

You are so right about the crop- lovely atmosphere and it does just get better and better :-)Your stamping looks fab on the double layout- you bouncy hen you!

debs14 said...

I love the Bouncy Hen comment - so funny!
The crop is just so much fun, you and the other Karen put so much trouble into making it work.
You were very brave over that stamping straight onto the page, I hardly noticed you going into melt down at all ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout.

Becca said...

Those cakes tasted soooo yummy!! Love coming to the crops, they are so much fun. Ann's layouts were amazing & you did a great job with the stamping.

Mel said...

Gorgeous card! and well done to you, stamping straight onto the card.

Bubbles said...

Love everything... but being a bouncy hen certainly put a smile on my face - and really like the colours you've used on that LO too.

So glad you took that breath and stamped direct onto the paper... it looks amazing - fantastic double LO.

You are too kind lovely lady x
I had a great time teaching at the crop and look forward to spending time with you all again in March x

Just catching up over here this morning, Karen, and enjoying the lovely photos and words that you lay down in a blog post. :o) I LOVE the gray and pink combo pages and your stamping is quite lovely. I'm always nervous about stamping too, and usually do it FIRST so that if I mess up it won't be such a disaster.

LOVE LOVE LOVE those fabulous daisies on your cupcakes. And I agree that the term "Bouncy Hen" fits you in a very sweet and fun way. xo