A Quick Kiera Update

07:46 Karen 4 Comments

She is home, not in too much pain and has managed to force herself to eat pancakes for brakefast! :)



Amy said...

Sounds like she will make a full recovery :-) What a fright she has given you - I would be beside myself if something like that happened to our girl!

Sandie said...

Oh my goodness, Karen!!
I've just got back from my weekend away and can't believe poor Keira's injury. I went cold thinking about it & can't imagine how shocked you must have been when you found her.
Glad Keira is home and I bet she will be thoughly spoiled. Rightly so!

Becca said...

Glad Kiera is home Karen. That looks like a nasty wound, hope it heals quickly x

Mel said...

Glad to hear she's ok. what a shock for you all, xxx