This Man

16:55 Karen 8 Comments

25 years ago today this man became my husband.

This man took me on baggage and all, helped me piece my self esteem back together and made me realise there were no heights I could not reach. With this man beside me I am whole and no words can ever convey how much I love him and how much the past 25 years have meant to me.

This man gave me this girl

and as a result we are a family who laughs and loves together all the time. Of course there have been times when the road was rough but he fought to get us through that and back as we should be. This man has turned a derelict house into a home. This man works long hours to give us all he can. This man is always there to listen and give advice.

This man loves and protects his girls almost more than is humanly possible.

This man is all I ever wanted but never knew until I met him. This man is the best father a girl could ask for. This man and this girl are my whole life and I cannot thank him enough for the past 25 years. xxx

My biggest reason to be cheerful today:-

This man saw who I really was, saw the potential in what I could be and helped me to realise that potential. I know you don't read my blog but my darling David I love you with all my heart and look forward to the next 25 years.

Normal blogging will resume on the next post and I promise - no more slush!



debs14 said...

You really are just the perfect little family. Your love for each other is just so clear for all to see.
Congratulations on the big anniversary!

Tammy said...

Congratulations!!!! Glad you got yourself your man. :)

Coley said...

Congratulations to you both on your special day. x

We all like the slush you know, you do it so well!

Unknown said...

WOW what a lovely post Karen, congratulations to you both & hope you have had a special day..

Sandie said...

That is so lovely Karen. David is lucky to have you too - a perfect match. Congratulations on your anniversary and I hope you have many more happy years together.

Aw, I'm all choked up and sentimental now, Karen. Happy Anniversary to you and your man!!! And here's to your next 25 years. ♥

Sian said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary to the pair of you!! And here's to the next twenty five years

Denise said...

Happy 25th - and may you have many more ♥