What a difference a day makes!

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What a difference a day makes - if you are squeemish please don't read any further.

When I am on school holidays, David doesn't take Kiera to work but leaves her home for me. We always go out for a lovely walk, come rain or shine, even if it is only a short one. Sometimes we go through the fields and then through the woods on one side of the village, sometimes we walk to the woods in the next village and sometimes we go down to the river.

On Tuesday she had a lovely walk through the fields and woods and spent ages dragging along this enormous log.

Yesterday, Gracia and I took her for a swim in the river.

Today, I waited for Gracia to be picked up and then decided to go through the fields and woods, down to the railway bridge. It was beautiful and I was photographing the buds and catkins and, as always, Kiera ran ahead and into the woods. I really don't know what happened next as when I rounded the corner she was laying down, I thought she had exhausted herself from dragging along yet another log. As I walked past she got up and trotted along by my side and then I noticed that she was bleeding. I told her to lay down and lifted up her leg and all I could keep saying was 'Oh my God, Oh my God'

Somehow she had ripped a piece of her skin and fur from her leg and without any exaggeration it is the size of both my hands when placed side by side. She just didn't take any notice and would have quite happily just gone home. I phoned David to come and meet me at the end of the dirt track and we took her to the vet. I took this photo while we were waiting for David to arrive and I still cannot believe that she has done so much damage and didn't even whimper!

The vet has just phoned to say that they have sorted out the wound and that, thankfully she is going to be ok. So my dear sweet Kiera is coming home in a couple of hours and boy is she going to be spoiled. I would just like to know what on earth is in the woods that would cause such damage? I am still shaking as I type this post and am hoping that by getting it written down it will get some of the shock out of my system.

Reasons to be Cheerful.

1. Amazing vets who rush back from their lunch to take care of an injured dog.

2. Fantastic veterinarian nurses who reassure you that there is nothing that you could have done to have prevented it.

3. My brave little Kiera.



Sian said...

Gosh, that does look bad Karen. The poor thing :( Thank goodness for vets!

debs14 said...

Oh Karen, that looks so bad. What a brave girl she must be. Wishing her a very speedy recovery. She is guaranteed lots of TLC x

Denise said...

ooowwwwww- bless her, that looks painful.It's at times like this when you realize how much you love them like a child.Hope she (and you)get over the shock very quickly and I know she will have lots of love and hugs xxx

Rosemary said...

Oh what an awful thing to happen poor thing