Awesome Sunday

20:49 Karen 6 Comments

Yesterday was pretty fab as Saturdays go as I went to the little crop and had such fun with the girls. An added bonus was that the Divine Miss E was there and I got to get some cuddles.

I managed to make some
ATDML dt work done and started a page for this week's Chicken Soup. Too dark to photograph now but will upload it tomorrow or Tuesday along with last month's dt pages.

But today really blew Saturday out of the water. I got up really excited because of what was going to happen at 3pm. I went to teach Sunday School and the children were all absolutely perfectly behaved and such little darlings and they even remembered the story they were taught.

AND then after pootling about killing time it was 3pm and what I had been waiting for all week happened. My laptop made a noise and signaled that the event was about to start.

I was skyping with my blog friend Deb and her daughter Carrie from Arizona, with my friends Deb and Denise from Hertfordshire and my new blog friends Mel, Rhona and Ruth. We spent a happy 2 hours chatting and crafting and it was the closest to a crop we could manage (although Denise and Deb and I crop together in real life). Plans were made and projects discussed and it was so lovely to be able to speak to them all. I am sure that it won't be too long before we skype again.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Little children and babies.

2. Saturdays spent crafting with friends.

3. Sundays spent skyping with friends.

Hoping you have an absolutely lovely week.



Sian said...

Maybe I'll be able to make it next time - it looks like a LOT of fun :)

It was a good time, wasn't it, Karen? :o) Carrie and I are still buzzing from it. It was wonderful to speak with you ladies...and I'm still drooling over your pretty wall that was your backdrop! xo

debs14 said...

My first real experience of Skype - and it was so much fun. Can't believe how quickly the time went. I feel sure that a Skype Eclectic Keepsakes Crop is just around the corner .....

Ruth said...

It was such a terrific experience! And so lovely to get to know you.

Sandie said...

Sounds such fun!! I've yet to use skype so perhaps that is a good was to initiate myself!

humel said...

There's me!! Yes, wasn't it *fun*? And I love the layout you made, good to see it in full on your other post!

I finished mine off after our chat - the ones you asked about on my recent post were done another time, but I did complete the one I was doing on Sunday. I think so, anyway. I'm not completely happy with it so I may add a few more bits, or I may just decide to be happy that I've got that story onto a page at last and leave it as is!