A Domestic Goddess is in the house.

07:22 Karen 4 Comments

Yes, a domestic goddess is in the house and it is ME!

I think it must be spring fever because on Saturday I thoroughly cleaned and tidied my kitchen, dining room and lounge - rearranging ornaments and photographs and generally being wifely. David loves it when these moods come upon me but they are a rare and wondrous thing!

Yesterday, after a lovely day at work, I made lemon buns

bread rolls

and butternut squash and lentil soup.

Well I think it may be egg, beans and chips tonight, after all that domesticity! Well, I did receive a pizza box stuffed with loveliness from Mel and Jill and I simply must get some things made with it - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The prospect of another lovely day.

2. Homemade soup and roll for lunch (and I might have sneaked in a lemon bun too).

3. Unexpected visits from friends xxxxx



Amy said...

Wow! You were certainly busy, and the soup looks utterly delicious ... I do hope you were no too worn out by all the hard work? ;-)

debs14 said...

I want to come and live with you! Could you adopt me please? I promise to eat all my dinner ;-)
That all looks absolutely delicious.

Sandie said...

That's the kind of day that makes me feel REALLY satisfied. The soup and rolls look so good, I'm feeling zapped at the moment so I will feed off your energy and be inspired for when my day comes!!
Hope your pizza box was full of goodness. Lucky you!

Denise said...

Hmmmm those goodies you baked all look very yummy.It all looks delicious - enjoy playing with your pizza box :-) x