This time

07:49 Karen 9 Comments

This time I will do it. I have told so many people that I am doing this program that it will be a major embarrassment if I don't complete it - my ploy for ensuring that I reach my goal of being able to run 5k in the next 9 weeks.

Final run of week 1 tonight, as I had a very busy weekend away so am a run behind but I really am determined to succeed this time!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. An awesome weekend involving fire throwers and eaters!

2. Project for Saturday's crop - in my head and only needs getting out of my head and into reality!

3. Looking forward to a run tonight - honest I am.



Amy said...

Good Luck! I know you can do it :-)

Lynn said...

hope you stick with it and acheive your running goal!

WendyB said...

Good luck with this. I'm formulating today's post in my head and it has the dreaded (for me anyway) word 'run' in it too :-)

scrappysue said...

Hi Karen, popping in from BFS. Your blog is so pretty! Best of luck with your goal; I have "start exercising" on my March goals list. Oh well, March isn't over yet! Will be checking back to see how you do.

Congrats on starting the Couch to 5K journey. I worked through the program last fall and then completed my running career at a 5K at Disney World in January. You can do it--it's a thrill to reach the goal!

Sian said...

I'm cheering you on! You CAN do it.

debs14 said...

Well now we all know about it, you definitely have to do it! You can do it - we're all cheering you on!

Denise said...

Well done you - looking forward to Saturday x

humel said...

Good for you! We're all rooting for you (though personally I'm quite happy to do so from the safety of my sofa....)