Bits and Pieces

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This is a post with lots of bits and pieces in!

Firstly, as mentioned we went on a little adventure on Tuesday. It was to visit Southampton University as that is one of the unis the kids are considering. We loved the uni and the building that they will be studying in was brand new and beautiful. I loved that the uni has a farmer's market every Monday, selling fresh produce, bread and cheese, I loved the campus, I loved the second lot of accommodation we were shown and I loved that it was much nearer than Newcastle. I wasn't blown away by the town (sorry if you are reading this and from Southampton). The kids considered the uni on a par with Sheffield but the town not quite as nice and if you are spending three maybe four years somewhere it has to feel right. Gracia summed it up by pointing out "You couldn't have been that impressed by it mum as you didn't take one photo all day!" I don't think we saw Southampton at its best as most of the students were on holiday and it didn't seem to have the life about it that Sheffield did.

Bits and pieces part II

I said on Tuesday that I was considering making a page using this sketch.

Well I did yesterday and only used bits and pieces that I already had.

The Echo Park paper was what was left over from Ann's class in February and the little bit of Girl's Paperie left over from the class that I taught last year.

I already had the cardstock and buttons, the banner was a free download for the Craft Robo but I am not sure where from and the title cost me 99c from the Silhouette website. So for a total outlay of 69p I have a page!

I have completely gone 'off piste' with this one as I cut out all the components put them aside and then put it together how I remembered the sketch to be because I was too lazy to open the sketch up on my laptop (in scrapping denial as I was supposed to be doing something else at the time)!

Final bits and pieces.

As promised many days ago, the last pages from my March DT work for ATDML. I am so late in posting these that April's are up so will start blogging about them soon.

and finally

Have a lovely day and hope you are able to enjoy the lovely sunshine.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A girlie evening tonight, making icing gerberas for Amy's wedding cupcakes (my spell checker wanted to put 'icing gerbils' now that would be cupcakes worth seeing)!

2. Well into the mammoth task of sorting out files on my laptop and hard drive and sorting out David's system at work.

3. Looking forward to another run with Kiera sometime today.



Oh...your lovely layouts...I love studying all the pretty details, Karen!

Enjoy your girlie night! Can't wait to see those icing daisies. :o)

Alison said...

Beautiful are the only other person I have come across who has a Craft Robo! Most people seem to be Cricut fans....I love my CR though
Alison xx

Sue Jones said...

Beautiful layouts darling. Uni ..scary ..where did the time go!?

Becca said...

Glad you enjoyed your adventure Karen, it's a shame that you didn't get the right vibe from the town. Your layouts are lovely & so full of detail.

humel said...

I've had a lovely catch up here, Karen - what gorgeous layouts you've been sharing! Love the beaded butterflies from a post or two ago :-)

I love your work! Beautiful LOs. I love Girls' Paperie. Too bad they are no more. Can't wait to see Margie's new line.

Hope you had a fab girlie night!

Rhona said...

Just been catching up on your blog Karen, your layouts are lovely! Pity Southampton didn't have the same vibe, it would be closer! I dread when my daughter has to choose where to go! xx