Morons, Marriages and Making Stuff.

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The morons in question are the horrible people who devise scareware and viruses! My laptop was seriously infected by a scareware program called 'Windows Fix Disk', despite having anti-virus software in place. The virus asks you to pay a sum of money to fix the problem and then systematically starts hiding your files so that you think that the hard disk is being corrupted and you are loosing data!

After extensive googling and realising that this was a virus and that my data was not being lost my pc was sent off to the fixers and I now have it back but now have issues with SAGE as after updating one of the programs I use, the two on my pc just overwrite each other instead of running alongside each other. One and a half hours on the phone to Sage support yesterday still has not resolved the problem and I just lost patience and said I would ring back on Tuesday! OK rant over and on to some nicer things.

You may have been under the impression that the April wedding of the year was between William and Kate - wrong! It was Amy and Shaun's wedding on Monday.

The day was beautiful and sunny, the bride was stunning, the venue amazing and the actual event - perfect. On the run up to the wedding we had a girlie night making about 150 icing gerberas for the top of Amy's cupcakes and her main cake.

There were 8 of us girls and it took us 4 hours to do. I am so glad I accepted the offer of help. I was quality control and it was such a fun evening.

The downside was that although eating sugar makes Gracia's eczema flare up we didn't realise that touching icing for an extended period would also have the same effect. Her poor hands are so sore at the moment.

On to the making stuff.

This is the first, of what I am sure will be many, lo from the wedding. The bride and groom had left disposable cameras on the table and we thought that it would amuse them, when they developed the films, to get photos of everyone wearing Grandma's hat.

I only took a few on my 'real' camera but loved them so much that I made this page when I was over at my bestest best friend, Eileen's house yesterday.

Whilst I was there I finished a layout for Deb's wristband with strings, full reveal on the 29th April,

made a very special birthday card for a very special girlie and made the 'Who looks hot in Grandma's Hat page. What did Eileen do? Finished a lo that she had started at a crop at the beginning of the month and then started making a card for the same special girlie as my one is for! I seem to induce serious paper shuffling when I go to Eileen's to crop.

So I am now off to try and catch up with all the accounting/admin work that I couldn't get done when my laptop was away being repaired.

Tomorrow I will have a very special post about a very special girl!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. There are people who are just as cleaver as those who devise viruses but put their talents to good rather than bad!

2. Memories of a beautiful wedding day spent with two beautiful people.

3. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my most favorite people in the whole wide world are at home (albeit still in bed) with me for the next 4 days.

Have a lovely Easter



Sue Jones said...

Beautiful Layout ..fab photo idea!!
Poor Gracia hope her hands are better soon.

scrappyjacky said...

The cake looks stunning.....and love the beautiful [fun] LO.

Sian said...

I'm loving that #1 - how right you are!

We took pictures of my aunt in her Mother Of The Bride hat once - and then devised a game of "Pin the hat on the aunty" for our family Christmas party. There's an idea for you..

Beautiful layout!

Ugh! Hate computer viruses.

Yum! The cupcakes look amazing!!!

Fun! Love the layout with Grandma's hat. And the wedding sounds wonderful. :o)

Can't wait! To see the layout for the wristband. ♥

Cheri said...

sorry about the virus - I know how difficult it is to have to get your computer back up to full operating capacity! Love that you always post what you are grateful for at the end of each post!

Lizzie said...

Sorry your pc was poorly - glad it's ok now (almost!). Thank you for warning us about that virus!

The wedding sounds fun; the cake(s) looked beautiful and well worth the effort of making all those gorgeous gerberas. The LO with Grandma's Hat is wonderful and I'm sure the bride and groom will be thrilled with the photos of everyone in the hat! It will be a lovely thing for them to look at in the future - "Oh, remember all the photos, of everyone trying on Grandma's Hat?" - They'll still be saying that in 50 years' time!

I hope Gracia's hands are recovering. Lavender oil or Aloe Vera Gel are both very soothing for my eczema. Holland and Barrett do the Aloe Vera in a tube - it is pretty much 100% aloe gel, which heals up sore bits amazingly fast! Good for sunburn too.

Becca said...

Your cakes look amazing! I love the photos in your layout, it is such a fun idea. Glad you had a good time at the wedding x

Rhona said...

Thank you for the link to the silhouette page, I'll definitely look into that.
I've so enjoyed reading this post, I hope you get all your computer problems sorted out - so annoying when that happens.
I love the photos of everyone in Grandma's hat - what a great idea :) and so good to have it as a layout. The cupcakes look wonderful and the flowers on top just finish them off.
Have a Happy Easter