She's 18!

09:37 Karen 11 Comments

How did it happen? How can it be? Who stole the last 18 years, took my baby and left me with a beautiful woman?

Yes, my gorgeous girl is 18 today. I cannot believe that it was 18 years ago, at 9:37am, when I first held her in my arms, thanked God for the wonderful gift he had given us and knew that the saying 'Before you were conceived I wanted you, before you were born I loved you and before you were a moment old I would give my life for you' was so true. I never wanted anything more than I wanted a baby girl and she really is a dream come true.

Ok we do have our occasional spats but not as many as most mums and daughters do, we all jog along nicely and can't complain really. She is more than we dreamed of, more than we ever wanted and so, so perfect in every way. So she has gone from this

to this

in such a short time but she goes from strength to strength. Working hard and being the best she can. So maybe her bedroom is always a mess but as she points out 'I can't be good at everything Mum, you have to have something to moan at me for or I wouldn't be normal'. She is anything but normal, to us she is the most longed for and extraordinary daughter anyone could ask for.

So my darling girl, happy birthday and we will do all we can to make it as perfect as you are.

Reason to be cheerful:

The best and only reason today is that Gracia Rose is our daughter and we couldn't ask for more.



Lizzie said...

Okay, so I'm wiping my eyes and sniffing... Anything to do with longed-for babies and I'm off!! Your young lady is indeed beautiful and I'm sure she's very special. I wish her (and you!) a Very Happy 18th Birthday and many, many more Happy Birthdays to come!

Jackie said...

What a lovely post - happy Birthday to your beautiful 18 year old - looking-quite-a-lady Gracia xxx

Sue Jones said...

Happy Birthday Gracia :)

scrappyjacky said...

What a wonderful post for your daughter....Happy Birthday to her.

debs14 said...

No matter how old she gets, she will always be your little girl! Hope she is having a wonderful birthday.

Sian said...

Happy Birthday Gracia Rose!

What a big moment (and may I say you haven't changed a bit!!)

Alison said...

Doesn't the time fly past Karen? I hope you are all enjoying Gracia's 18th Birthday
Alison xx

Linda said...

what a lovely post! Happy birthday to your DD! (Love your blog background - just popping in from Shimelle's class)

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl and such a lovely post from her proud Mum x x

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday to Gracia Rose - and I hope that gorgeous young lady knows how lucky she is to have parents that adore her.

I'm late to the party, but my sentiment is heart felt ~ Happy Birthday Gracia!

And Karen ~ You haven't changed a bit! What a beautiful post you have written for your girl! ♥